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D chord G chord A chord Bm chord


I still hit them dive bars
      G         D
Every once in a blue moon
I got a wild card
  G              D
I keep inside my boot
          A         G                    D
I've been thinkin' lately maybe I should save it
     A         G                      D
Some hangovers sure kick my ass these days
        Bm        A                 G*
I spend most my happy hours here at home
       G*            A                   D*
In the middle of growin' up and gettin' old
          D*                                              G      D
But I can still raise hell all night with the boys when I want to
         D*                                 A
Lay that hammer down to see how fast she'll go
          D*                           G       D
But these days I hang my hat on what I won't do
              D*                               A
And I've been findin' peace of mind slowin' my roll
         Bm          A                 G*
Learn to tow that line of time as it goes
       G*            A                   D*
In the middle of growin' up and gettin' old
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