Have You Seen The Saucers Chords & Lyrics Artist:

Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

Am chord C chord D chord Em chord G chord E2 chord D2 chord B2 chord G3 chord A3 chord E3 chord
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How To Play

Single note notation:
Bass open low E = E0, up through D#0
Bass second E = guitar open low E = E1, up through D#1
Guitar second E (D string second fret) = E2, up through D#2
Guitar open high E = E3, high E fret 12 = E4
(acoustic intro, picking around Em)
B2   D2  B2 G3
B2   D2  B2 A3-G3-E3 D2
B2   D2  B2-D2-E3,   E2,   E1
E|-------3-- -------5-3---- ------------O-----------------|
B|---3------ ---3-------3-- ---3----3---------------------|
G|-4---4---- -4---4-------- -4---4------------------------|
D|---------- -------------- ----------------2-------------|
A|---------- -------------- ------------------------------|
E|---------- -------------- ---------------------O--------|
(electric intro follows immediately)
[hit hard and heavy:]
[bass plays with/over chords every rep of this line]
Chords: C               C    G  Am  Em
        |               |    |  |   |
Bass  : C0 C0 C0-C0-C0  C0   B0 A0  E0
plus hard overdriven Jorma lead
x 2
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen the saucers?
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen the saucers?
Do you know the people out there
           G                          Am
who aren't happy with the way that we care
        Am    Em
for the Earth Mother.
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen the saucers.
Tranquility Base
there goes the neighborhood.
American garbage dumped in space and
G       Em       Am
no room left for brotherhood.
[Bridge: wah-wah lead break]
Am Em, Em Am x 4
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen our saucers?
C                                         Am
You see our lights in your western skies, California.
(The rainbow skies).
    C                            Am        Am
The government tells you another missle is flying
             C                Am       Am
have you any idea why they're lying to you?
(to your faces)
did they tell you?
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen our saucers?
[2 lines of bridge, wah wah lead break]
Am Em, Em Am,
Am Em, Em Am
[then 2 lines adding]
la la, la la, la-la-la-la
la la, la la, la-la-la-la
[then two more with lyrics:]
     Am     Em                   Em      Am
Your mother needs you, now she's getting old
    Am       Em              Em      Am ..... C.... ->
Her face was pretty, but you let her go ..... o - o ->
C   C G ->
         Am       Em
Have you seen our saucers?
AStar children
on the back road to salvation.
Children of the forest.
G     Em     Am
Child of the Woodstock Nation.
[as bridge but softly]
       Am           Am            Em     Em
have a care for the needs of your planet
Am        Am        Em       Em
catch the dawn that once was there
[now harder, yes the timing is uneven, listen to it]
Am                C    G
first-born atomic generation
Am                       C           G
open the door, don't you know that's what it's for
come and join us on the
C     D           Em
other side of the sun...(hold and fade)...

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