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B5  D5              E5
   We don't wanna go home
   B5      D5             E5
bad people and we do bad things
B5  D5              E5
   We don't wanna go home
   B5      D5             E5
bad people and we do bad things
Verse 1
Here we go, don't ya know
          D5                E5
We're the ones that keep it wicked
       B5                         D5
Rock n' Roll, all good, mix it up
That's my ticket
B5                       D5       E5
Cruisin' in my Cadillac Escalade trickin'
B5                       D5
Sometimes like it easy, sometimes Like it rugged
Keep control, don't ya know
         D5            E5
Hit the floor, run for cover
B5                           D5          E5
Flew around the world about fifty times over
      B5                   D5               E5
From New York to LA to the white cliffs of Dover, 
the road can be my enemy
D5                        E5
The road can be my lover
B5     D5               E5
Aaagh, we dont wanna go on ( watch how we do this here )
B5      D5              E5
Noooo, we dont wanna go home ( from the humble neighborhoods were taking  
                              over the dance floor)
B5     D5              E5
Noo, We dont wanna go home ( from the humble neighborhoods we're getting  
                             outta control)
   B5         D5         E5
Bad people and we do bad things
Verse 2
Here we go, don't ya know
We're the ones that make it crazy
This ain't time to get lazy
Meetin' at 11 in the hotel lobby
Same faces, different places
Never knowin' where we going now
Someday I'm gonna die but it
Won't be from boredom
If you've got the skills the I suggest
That you throw down
Meet us at the spot 'cause it's
Gonna be a showdown
Naw, you can't ride the bus
Man you better cool down
Intelude of same chord sequence= play 3 chords twice
Verses 1 & 2
Chorus (Out)

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