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D chord A chord A7 chord G chord Em chord Bm chord C chord E chord
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How To Play

Intro: | D | % ||: D | A :|| A7 D |
Sect 1: | D | G | D | A D | D | A | D | A D | D | G | D | A D |
Sect 2: [6/8] | D | Em | A7 | G D |
              | D | Em | A7 | G D |
              | D | % | G | % | A | % |
              | D | % | G | A | D | Bm | G | A | D | % |
        [4/4] | D | A7 | D | A7 D |
Sect 2.1: [6/8] | D | Em | A7 | G D |
                | D | Em | A7 | G D |
                | D | % | G | % | A | % | D | % |
          [7/8] ||: E :|| x 16
Sect 3: [6/8] ||: D | C G | G / / / / A | D :|| x5
Sect 4: [2/2] ||: D | C G / / | G / / A | D :|| x4 end on D
Note: This song changes time signatures a quite a bit. Unless explicitly noted, the chart is in [4/4].
I've noted below when a time signature change occurs.
Intro: | D | % ||: D | A :|| A7 D |
Section 1:
D                         G
Tell us all a story about how it used to be
D                                 A               D
Make it up and then write it down just like history
About Goldilocks and the three bears nature in the crosshairs
    D                            A          D
And how we all ascended from the deep green sea
When it’s not too hot, not too cold, not too meek, not too bold
           D                       A         D
Where it’s just right and you have sunlight
Section 2: [6/8]
           D     Em    A7
Then we’re home 
        G    D
Finally home
            Em                  A7        G
Home in the land of the homeless, finally home
D     G                          A
  Oh, what are we going to do?
I never did a thing to you
G  A          D              Bm
Time peaceful as a hurricane eye
G        A            D
Peaceful as a hurricane eye
Section 1: [4/4]
  D                      G
A history of whispers, a shadow of a horse
D                      A            D
Faces painted black in sorrow and remorse
D                        A
White cloud, black crow, crucifix and arrow
The oldest silence speaks the loudest
A                    D         G
Under the deep green sea, when speech becomes a crime
D                                 A         D
Silence leads the spirit over the bridge of time
Section 2.1:
[6/8] | D | Em |
A7                 G    D                    Em
Over the bridge of time, I’m walking with my family
        A              G
And the road begins to climb
D                        G
And then it’s, oh, Lord, how we going to pray
     A                  D
With crazy angel voices all night
       [7/8] E
Until it’s a new day
Peaceful as a hurricane
Peaceful as a hurricane
Peaceful as a hurricane eye
Peaceful as a hurricane
Peaceful as a hurricane
Peaceful as a hurricane eye
Peaceful as a hurricane eye
Section 3:
D                                         C   G
You want to be leader? You want to change the game?
                                     A  D
Turn your back on money, walk away from fame
D                                               C    G
You want to be a missionary? You got that missionary zeal?
                                                 A   D
Let a stranger change your life. How’s that make you feel?
D                                               C  G
You want to be a writer, but you don’t know how or when
                             A   D
Find a quiet place, use a humble pen
Section 4:
You want to talk, talk, talk about it
          C      G
All night squawk about
                       A     D
The ocean and the atmosphere
                           C    G
Well, I’ve been away for a long time
                         A D
And it looks like a mess a-round here
                       C    G
And I’ll be away for a long time
                  A     D
So here’s how the story goes
                           C          G
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
                      A   D
She was baking a cinnamon pie
                     C         G
She fell asleep in a washing machine
                  A    D
Woke up in a hurricane eye

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