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     Ab             Eb                Bb
I've never seen that little town where You were born
      Db              Cm           Bb
It was long before my time and far away
       Ab             Eb             Bb
But as time goes on I think about You more and more
          Cm                         F
And wonder what it was like in those day's
I wish I could have walked with You
You might have called me friend
        Cm7                                F
But there's no way I could've known You then
But I know You now
I know Your name
           Eb                            F
A lot of awesome things You did and why You came
I didn't know You when
      F                   Eb
You helped that lame man rise up from his bed
I didn't know You when
      F                     Eb                   F
You stood there and called Lazarus from the dead
But I know You now
     Ab            Eb              Bb
I didn't see You feed that tired hungry crowd
           Db             Cm7          Bb
With five loaves and two fish one afternoon
        Ab                  Eb
And I didn't see You catch Peter's hand
So he wouldn't drown
         Cm7                         F
When he tried the walk on water like You
     Bb             Dm
I couldn't see Your face
When You taught those little kids
         Cm                              F
There's just no way I could've seen You then
But I see You now
I see Your love
         Eb                          F
I see a tiny glimpse of You in every one of us
         Gm               F
I didn't see You on the mount of olives
Crying as You prayed
            Gm           F                   Eb            F
I couldn't see You when You were kissed by Judus and betrayed
               Eb  Bb
But I see You now
Eb Bb          F                  Eb
Oh, I didn't need You when that bitter angry mob
        Bb           F
Shouted out crucify him
And I couldn't have needed You
When they laughed and mocked You
         Cm                            F
But it could be I'm a little bit like them
Cause I need You now
I need Your grace
            Eb                        F
And how I needed Your forgiveness to be saved
          Bb                             Eb
I didn't need You when Pilates soldiers beat You to the ground
          Gm                F
I didn't need You when You hung there
          Eb                  F
Bleeding from Your thorny crown
But I need You now
                Gm  Eb  Bb
Oh, I need You now

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