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Em7 chord Bm7 chord Dmaj9/A chord Em6 chord Bm7/A chord Dmaj7 chord Em chord Gmaj7 chord Dmaj9 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
D chord G6 chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

Chord names and fret positions are relative to the capo:
Em7   = 022030    Bm7    = x24232    Dmaj9/A = x00220
Em6   = 022020    Bm7/A  = x04232    Dmaj7   = xx0222
Em    = 022000    Gmaj7  = 320002
Dmaj9 = xx0220    F#m7   = 242222
D     = xx0232    G6     = 320000
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INTRO (Four bars of sax solo)
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  / |  /  /  /  / |  /  /  /  / |
[Keyboards come in]
  Em7      Em6 Em   Em7      Em6 Em
|  /  /  /  /__/  |  /  /  /  /__/  |
  Dmaj9  D       Dmaj9  D
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |
Em7                        Em6  Em  Em7
     I read all the lett - ers,
                 Em6  Em          Dmaj9       D
I read each word...   that you've sent to me,
                 Bm7       Bm7/A
And, though it's past now,
         Gmaj7             F#m7
And your words ...start to fade,
        Gmaj7                        F#m7
All the memories I have...still re - main
Em7                          Em6  Em  Em7
     I've kept all the pic - tures,
But I hide my feel - ings,
Em Dmaj9          D    Dmaj9  D
So no one knows,
Em7                      Em6 Em    Em7
    Oh, sure, my friends all come 'round,
             Em6    Em  Dmaj9       D
But I'm in a crowd, and on my own,
                   Bm7      Bm7/A
It's 'cause you've gone now,
      Gmaj7                       F#m7
But a heart... a heart still re - mains,
          Gmaj7                          F#m7
And it'll be... here, if you--- come a - gain
Em7                              Em6  Em  Em7
     You see, I'd heard the ru - mours,
             Em6  Em  Dmaj9         D   Dmaj9  D
I knew before---  you let me know,
Em7                       Em6  Em  Em7
    But, I didn't believe it,  not you,
         Em6  Em Dmaj9       D          Bm7        Bm7/A
No, you would not let me go, ...seems I was wrong,
      Gmaj7   G6                 F#m7
But I love...     I love you the same,
               Gmaj7          G6                 Dmaj9/A
And that's the one thing that you can't take a - way,
              Gmaj7      G6     Dmaj9/A
But just re - member... (oo!)
  Gmaj7     G6   Dmaj9/A    Dmaj7
|  /  /  /   /  |   /  /  /   /  |
Gmaj7                  F#m7
   ...If leaving me is easy,
          Gmaj7                F#m7
Then, you know, coming back is harder
     Gmaj7                    F#m7
||:  Hoh, ...if leaving me is easy,
          Gmaj7                F#m7                   Gmaj7
Then, you know, coming back is harder! :|| [Repeat]

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