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Dsus2 chord G/B chord GM7 chord D/C chord Dm7 chord C chord Bm7 chord A7 chord G chord Am7 chord D chord Esus4 chord E chord
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How To Play

Intro:  C Bm7 Asus7 A7
        C Bm7 Asus7 Dsus2(4)
  G               Am7
I look to thee in every need,
    G/B           C
And never look in vain;
  Am7                 G/B
I feel thy strong and tender love,
    C           GM7
And all is well again;
    C                  D/C
The thought of thee is mightier far
     C                D/C
Than sin and pain and sorrow are;
     C       G/B      Am7    D9sus  G       (rpt. intro)
Than sin and pain and sorrow are,   my Lord.
Discouraged in the work of life,
Disheartened by its load.
Shamed by its failures or its fears,
I sink beside the road;
But let me only think of thee
And then new heart springs up in me;
And then new heart springs up in me, my Lord.
            C        G/B      Am7
There is an eye that never sleeps 
            D           G
Beneath the wing of night;
            C        G/B       Am7
There is an ear that never shuts 
              D            G
When sink the beams of light.
            C                D/C
There is an arm that never tires 
     Bm7                    Esus4  E
When human strength gives way;
           Am7               G/B
There is a love that never fails 
     C               D9sus
When earthly loves decay.
              C            G/B       Am7
But there's a power which man can wield 
            D         G
When mortal aid is vain,
     C          G/B       Am7
That eye, that arm, that love to reach, 
      D                G
That listening ear to gain.
      C                     D/C
That power is prayer which soars on high
         Bm7              Esus4   E
Through Jesus to the throne;
    Am7                  G/B
And moves the hand which moves the world,
   C               Dm7
To bring salvation down;
To bring salvation down.
[solo as verse, repeat chorus]
  G               Am7         GM7
I look to thee in every need.

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