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   D7                           Gm
i hardly think I'm qualified to come across all sanctified
   D7                             Gm
i just don't cut it with the cherubim
     D7                          Gm
the town's already on it's knees being worshipped is a breeze
   Eb             Cm7           A7             D7
i barely know the words to any hymns
 D7                        Gm
listen, if we don't comply with the locals' wishes
       D7                         Gm
i can see us being sacrificed or stuffed
 D7                              Gm
let’s be gods, the perks a great el dorado on a plate
 Eb            Cm7             A7                  D7
local feeling should not be rebuffed
     Gm                             Eb
it's tough to be a god, tread where mortals have not trod
    D7                           Gm
be deified when really you're a sham
       F7         Bb             F7          Bb
be an object of devotion, be the subject of psalms
       G7              Cm                  G7                Cm
it's a terrifying notion, all those prayers and those salaams
     Ab                              G7
any normal man would bridle if he's forced to be an idol?
      Ab            G7            Cm
and a normal man's exactly what i am!
 D7                                  Gm
all the same, it's pretty clear the scoundrels don't keep much up here
     D7                                 Gm
they must have zillions under lock and key
     D7                              Gm
but gods can force them to unleash enough to make us nouveau riche
   Eb              Cm7               A7                  D7
beyond our wildest dreams, so follow me!
 D7                         Gm
can't you see i won't relax if religious maniacs
 D7                             Gm
tell me I'm all-powerful and sublime
 D7                        Gm
how can i be their belief when I'm lying through my teeth?
Eb                Cm7               A7                  D7
why don't we just say, "some other time"?
      Gm                          Eb
it's tough to be a god but if you get the peoples' nod
             D7                                   Gm
count your blessings, keep 'em sweet that's my advice
      F7          Bb              F7           Bb
be nirvana, be salvation, be all things to all men
       G7           Cm             G7              Cm
butter up your congregation, every sunday score a ten
      Ab                          G7
the alternative is dire, simply frying pan to fire
    Ab              G7          Cm
so sign up two new gods for paradise
Ab G7 C

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