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Amaj7/G# chord F#m9 chord Abm chord B chord D7 chord Amaj7 chord Ab7 chord Ab chord C sharp minor chord
C Sharp minor 7 chord
A chord Ddim chord Ama7/G# chord Fm9 chord
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How To Play

Amaj7/G#   F#m9    Abm  B  X2
Amaj7/G#       F#m9
Jesse was a renegade danced to his own drum
Abm  B
Growin' wise could wait 'til tomorrowTook to a road signposted sorrow
Amaj7/G#       F#m9
Jesse was a hooligan jumped right off the rail
Abm  B
There in the cards there in the tarotBorn to despise the straight and the narrow
Amaj7/G#       D7
Jesse was a connoisseur- Home cooking tasted stale
B/Bsus4  Amaj7    Ab7     Ab     C#m    C#m7    Amaj7
Je -sse   James    bolero is a    dance upon the run
Amaj7/G#        A             Ab7    Ab      C#m   Ddim  Ama7/G#
Every step proclaims that he's a wayward son
B/Bsus4 Amaj7   Ab7      Ab      C#m       C#m7  Amaj7
Je-sse James is waiting  for the cheap music to stop
Amaj7/G#  A                Ab7      Ab    C#m   Ddim  Ama7/G#
Don't     goodbye deserve some Bach not barbershop ?
Amaj7/G#               Fm9
Jesse didn't hear the drum suddenly lose time
Abm  B
All his plans crafted, clever; fated unborn - Unfinished forever
Amaj7/G#                Fm9
Jesse didn't hear the drum stop outside his door
Abm  B
In his dreams destiny toweredIn the cold light of day it came as a coward
Amaj7/G#            D7
Jesse didn't hear the drum - At the age of thirty-four
Chorus X2 til fade

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