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How To Play

Am    Dm    Am    Dm
Verse 1:
     Am                       Dm
It’s getting close to sundown over the sierra.
Am                      Dm
Standing on a heatwave, burning with desire.
Am                      Dm
She was on the sidewalk looking for a nightlight.
Am                               Dm
Talked about the real things and drove into the fire.
Am                             Dm
Headlights on the highway, the desert wind is howling.
Am                          Dm
Rattlesnakes and romance is filling with the rain.
Am                     Dm
Candy apple red dress, bleedin’ when she kissed me.
Am                 Dm
Heaven in a ragtop take away my pain.
Chorus 1:
G                     Am                        F               F
  When your chips are down, when your highs are low – joy ride (joy ride).
G                 Am                    F       F
  Move across the night like a separate wind – (joy ride).
Fill 1:
NC.   NC.
Am    Dm    Am    Dm
Verse 2:
Am                    Dm
Pulled up to a motel, vacancy was buzzing.
Am                   Dm
Pink and dirty neon, settle on the hood.
Am                        Dm
Wrap your arms around me, come a little closer.
Am                          Dm
Stumble in the twilight and fell onto the floor.
Am                Dm
Lovely Mona Lisa, dreaming of the free world.
Am                             Dm
Lipstick on the nightstand and demons outside the door.
Chorus 2:
G                     Am                        F               F
  When your chips are down, when your highs are low – joy ride (joy ride).
G                 Am                    F       F
  Move across the night like a separate wind – (joy ride).
G                     Am                      F              F
  When your hopes and dreams lose the will to go – joy ride (joy ride).
G                  Am                       F      Em
  Reaching for the light, one that we can’t win – (joy ride).
Middle Eight:
C         G                          Am   F
  There’s something in the distance,    a glorious existence.
C   G                   Am   D/F#                   Dm
  A simple celebration,    a place you never been before.
            Dm                         Fm                 Fm
So kiss me, tell me that you want it – whoah (so kiss me).
Fill 2:
G     Am    F     F
G                  Am                       F      G
  Reaching for the light, one that we can’t win.
Dm                    G                         Dm                        Fm
  When your chips are down (when your chips are down) when your highs are low.
    C     Am        F    E
Joy ride (joy ride).
Am                 F       Dm                G
All your hopes and dreams,   all you need to know.
          C        Am        C       Am
Joy ride (joy ride).

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