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Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

E6 chord Eb6 chord C sharp minor chord B chord E7 chord A chord F sharp chord Eb/G chord E/G# chord B7 chord E chord Emaj chord Amaj chord
G Sharp 7 chord
F Sharp over A Sharp chord
B7/D# chord C#maj chord Bb7 chord C6 chord Em chord D chord G7 chord C chord G/B chord G chord Gmaj chord Cmaj chord A over C Sharp chord D/F# chord A7 chord G sharp minor chord Eb7 chord G sharp chord F7 chord Bbm chord G#7/C chord F sharp 7 chord
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How To Play

some basic chords :) :)
E6     7-7-6-6-x-x
Eb6    6-6-5-5-x-x
Eb/G   3-1-1-3-x-x or 3-1-1-3-2-x
E/G#   4-2-2-4-x-x
B7/D#  x-6-4-4-4-x
F#/A#  6-4-4-6-x-x or 6-4-4-6-5-x
Fm2    x-x-3-1-1-3
C6     8-x-7-9-8-x
C6/5-  8-x-7-9-7-x
A/C#   9-7-7-9-x-x or 9-7-7-9-8-x
Eb7    x-6-5-6-4-x
G#7/C  x-3-4-5-4-x
E6  Eb6  E6
E6  Eb6  E6
      C#m                     B
Well, here comes Jumbo with a phone in his hand
         E7                            A
Bet it’s been a while since you seen a real man
F#                         Eb/G       E/G#       B7
Grown up strong on the fat of the land of the free
        E                     Emaj
Sure, I guess he got off to a hell of a start
         E7                      Amaj
With his grandpa’s money and his daddy’s heart
               F#                   Eb/G        E6
But you oughta know privileged is a pretty hard thing to be
You know?
      C#m                     B
Whoa! Here comes Jumbo with a knife and a tan
       E7                      A
And an elephant’s tail for his Instagram
      F#                Eb/G          E/G#       B7
Grown up brave on the fat of the land of the free
        E                         Emaj
See the twinkle in his eye like a torch in the dark
     E7                                Amaj
On a court-approved stroll through the city park
          F#                     Eb/G             E/G#                     G#7
Whistling which of you purebreds gonna bark at my theme song goes a little something like:
Here comes Jumbo
American as gumbo
              B                    B7/D#             E         G#7
Skin white as new corn liquor hair black as molasses rum, though
He ain’t dumb, no
            F#/A#   F#
You elitist bums, go
        B                         G#7
Get yourselves off of Capitol Hill
‘Cause we’ve just about had our fill
   E7              Amaj    F#
Of y’all playing Columbo
                Fm     Fm2
When anyone can tell
              C#maj   Bb7
That good old Jumbo
Was only to trying to help
Only trying to help
Oh, help us out with one now Jumbo
Em  D  G7  C
A  F#/A#  G/B  B7
G  Gmaj  G7  Cmaj
A  F#/A#  G/B  B7
Em  A/C#
D  D/F#  G  B7
Em  A/C#
D  B7  Em  G7
C  A7
G#m  G#7
Here comes Jumbo
American as gumbo
              B                       B7/D#             E        G#7
Washed in the blood of the little man singing fee fi fo fum, bro
‘Til his kingdom comes so
You elitist bums can go
         B                     G#7
Fuck yourselves off of Capitol Hill
             C#m                E7
‘Cause we’ve just about had our fill
             A                 Eb7
Of wondering what is and isn’t rigged
                 G#              F7
When there’s all these unadopted kids
         Bbm                    G#7/C
Ready to swim across the Bering Sea
                C#m                    E7
To feast on the fat of the land of the free
They’re twiddling their thumbs though
While y’all play Columbo
With poor old Jumbo
E6  Eb6  E6
E6  Eb6  E6

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