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Em                     G              D              Em
I heard the song birds singing in the trees above my bed
C        B/C         Am     G      F#/G          Em
In the valley of the shadow of the sea of living dead
Em                G                 D
I see the same old smells aboard my ship of shapelessness
Meandering suspended in amorphous tastelessness
Em               G               D                    Em
I hear the happy people striking down their matchless road
C       B/C             Am      G         F#/G          Em
The false teeth and the cologne partly sharing half the load
Em               G                  D
I know I cannot ask them so I leave their eyes to say
I know the way to Mount Street, but I just don't know the way
Em               G                 D             Em
I see the hollow buildings hanging in the winter sun
C   B/C        Am      G    F#/G            Em
Throwing empty shadows that hide the hollow men
Em                        G             D
The world just isn't real it's built on endless timeless time
On land marks in the desert wastes of multicoloured crime
Em                    G                D                     Em
The maps stuck in the tube trains will tell you where're you going
C           B/C       Am         G         F#/G   Em
They'll also tell you pratically everything worth knowing
Em            G               D
So if anybody asks me I'd say "take a few salt sodas"
If you don't you stand the dirty chance of dying stone cold sober
Em                G                     D             Em
And as I hear you breathing life's last distant compliment
C       B/C         Am        G      F#/G      Em
I know I can't have said much of what I really meant
Em                    G            D
The sky dissolves the sky and the snowflakes face to face
And everything is just everything because everything just is

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