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How To Play

Bb   F    C          Bb    F     C
        Bb         F            C                Bb          F                    C
This is life after happily ever after   And it's all just as sweet as the stories say
       Em             F                     G          Am
I feel wild, free, as light as can be   and ready to explore
     Dm             C              G     G7
With nothing at all standing in my way
           Bb          F                 C                  Bb        F                 C
True there are certain customs I have to follow     Several small obligations I can't avoid
      Em               F                  G                  Am
A few rules too, well, more than a few    Commitments by the score
  Dm           C                   G      G7
Aside from all that though I'm overjoyed
    C                          F                   Fm                        C
And sure there are corsets and buckles and bows    Plus all those names to recall
Am                     F         Fm             Dm           G            C
Still I can hardly complain I suppose   This is happily ever after  after all
[key change]
    F                        Bb                 Bbm                   F
And now that at last you are here in my arms    I won't permit you to fall
Eb                      Bb              Bbm                Gm           C            F
I must protect you from all the world's harms   We'll live happily ever after, after all
[key change]
Am                                    E
    Now that we're living splendidly     Our dreams fulfilled extendedly
C                                 D                F
    Why leave things open endedly for Rapunzel and moi
C               F                       C                 F
    Tonight I'll hand this rose to her      Kneel down And then propose to her
C                 D7
    And give this ring I chose to her   (nice!)
C                                        A                                     A7
Life's gonna be like strawberry sherbert once she is Misses Eugene Fitzherbert
D                                  G
Once she is Princess Eugene Fitzherbert
        Eb         Bb           F              Eb        Bb                  F
This is life after happily ever after  And our story has finally reached its end
         Am         Bb                  C           Dm         Gm        F                    C
Settling down here  year upon year  contented and secure  with dozens of duties we'll have to tend
    Eb                        Bb                     Bbm                       F
And now that we've gotten the dream that we chose    Now that we're in for the haul
Eb                     Bb        Bbm            Gm           C            F
Now our adventures can come to a close   Living happily ever after, after all
Bb                                               Bbm                       F
Now that I've gotten   the dream that I choose   Why does my world feel so small
Bb                               Bbm            Gm           F            Bb
If this is it  And it is   I suppose    Is this happily ever after, after all

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