Little Red Corvette Chords & Lyrics Artist:

Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

Ab chord Bbm chord Db chord Gb chord Gbmaj7 chord Bbm7 chord Absus chord
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How To Play

Intro structure ( * indicates play chord)
Gb        Ab       Bbm   Bbm7 Gbmaj7
*         *         *     *   *
1-2-3-4   1-2-3-4   1-2-3-4   1-2-3-4
(Use the example above)
Gb Ab Bbm Bbm7 Gbmaj7 x2
I guess I should have known
       Ab                           Bbm
by the way you parked your car sideways
        Bbm7     Gbmaj7    Gb
That it wouldn't last. See you're the kinda person
That believes in makin' out once
Bbm          Bbm7      Gbmaj7
love 'em and leave 'em fast.
  Gb                                    Ab
I guess I must be dumb 'cause you had a pocket full of horses
Bbm        Bbm7          Gbmaj7
Trojan and some of them used
but it was Saturday night
I guess that makes it all right
            Bbm         Bbm7          Ab
and you say what have I got to lose".
And honey I say:
Gb      Ab      Db
Little red corvette
Gb             Ab      Bbm7
baby you're much too fast.
Gb      Ab      Db
Little red corvette
Gb                     Ab       Absus Ab
you need a love that's gonna last.
A body like yours ought to be in jail
'Cause it's on the verge of bein' obscene.
Move over baby
give me the keys.
          Bbm7                        Ab
I'm gonna try to tame your little red love machine.
Guess I should have closed my eyes
when you drove me to the place
Where your horses run free
'cause I felt a little ill
When I saw all the pictures of the jockeys
that were there before me.
Little red corvette baby
you're much to fast. . .
Little red corvette
honey you gotta slow down.
Little red corvette
'cos if you don't you're gonna run into the ground.

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