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[Bb]Alarm goes off at seven
And you[Gm]start uptown.
You[Dm] put in your eight hours
For the [Cm7]powers that have [F7]always [Bb]been. [F][Gm]
Till it's five P.[Cm7]M.
[Eb/F]Then You go
[Bb]Downtown[F] Where the [Bb]folks are broke.
You go [Dm]Downtown [A]Where your [Dm]life's a joke.
You go [Eb]Downtown [Bb]When you [Eb]buy your token,
you [Gm]go [Eb/F]Home to skid [Bb]row.[F]
[Bb](Home to skid [Gm]row.)
[Eb/F]Yes, you go
[Bb]Downtown [F]Where the [Bb]cabs don't stop
[Dm]Downtown [A]Where the [Dm]food is slop
[Eb]Downtown [Bb]Where the [Eb]hop-heads flop
in the [Gm]snow [Eb/F]Down on Skid [Bb]Row[F][Bb]
[EbM7]Uptown you cater to a million jerks.
[Gm]Uptown you're messengers and mailroom clerks
[Cm]eating all your lunches at the hot dog carts.
[F7]The bosses take your money and they break your hearts.
[EbM7]Uptown you cater to a million whores.
[Gm]You disinfect terrazzo on their bathroom floors.
[Cm]Your job is really menial and you make no bread
[F7]then a five o'clock you head...
[Eb/F]By subway...
[Bb]Downtown[F] Where the [Bb]guys are drips.
[Dm]Downtown[A] Where they [Dm]rip your slips.
[Eb]Downtown[Bb] Where rel[Eb]ationships are no [Gm]go.
[Eb/F]Down on skid [Bb]row[F]
[Bb]Down on skid [Gm]row[Dm7]
[Gm]Down on skid [Eb]row[Bb]
[Eb]Down on skid [Cm7]row! [F7]
[Gm]Poor! All my life I've always been [Eb]poor.
I keep asking God what I'm [Gm]for,
and he tells me "Gee, I'm not [Dm]sure
[Cm7]Sweep that [Eb/F]floor, kid."
[Cm]Oh, [G][Cm]I started life as an or[Gm]phan,
a child of [Dm]the street[Gm]
Here on skid row.[Cm][G]
[Cm]He took me in, gave me [Gm]shelter, a bed,
[C7]Crust of bread and a job
[Bb]Treats me like dirt, [C7]calls me a slob, Which I [F7sus4]am.
[F7]So I live
[Bb]Downtown That's your home address.
Ya live [Dm]Downtown When your life's a mess.
Ya live [Eb] Downtown Where depressions' jes' [Gm]Status Quo.
[Eb/F]Down on skid [Bb]row
Someone show me a way to get outa here,
[Dm]'cause I constantly pray I'll get outa here
[Eb]Please, won't somebody say I'll get outa here
[Gm]Someone gimme my shot or I'll [Eb/F]rot here.
[Bb]Show me how and I will, I'll get out-a here.
[Dm]I'll start climbin' up hill and get out-a here.
[Eb]Someone tell me I still could get out-a here.
[Gm]Someone tell lady luck that I'm [Eb/F]stuck here.
[Bb]Gee it sure would be swell to get out-a here
[Dm]Bid the gutter fairwell and get out-a here
[Eb]I'd move heaven and hell to get out-a skid
[Gm]I'd do I dunno what [F7sus4]to get out-a skid
but a hell of a lot to get out-a skid
people tell me there's not a way out-a skid
but believe me I gotta get out-a skid [Bb]row.

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