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Am         Dm           Am
Somebody killed Little Susie
     E             F
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
Am                Dm
She was there screaming
Am            E            F
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon
   Am              Dm
A fall down the stairs
      Am                 E            F
Her dress torn, oh, the blood in her hair
A mystery so sullen in air
     Am              E
She lies there so tenderly
Am               Dm
Fashioned so slenderly
Am             Dm
Lift her with care
Oh, the blood in her hair
Am        Dm      Am
Everyone came to see
           E          F
The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head...
     Am         Dm              Am
And suddenly a voice from the crowd said
      E            F
This girl lived in vain
Her face bear such agony, such strain...
    Am        Dm            Am
But only the man from next door
             E                 F
Knew Little Susie and how he cried
As he reached down to close Susie's eyes...
     Am           E
She lie there so tenderly
 Am            Dm
Fashioned so slenderly
 Am            Dm
Lift her with care
Oh the blood in her hair...
       Dm            Bb
It was all for God's sake
          Gm         A
For her singing the tune
       Bb                  A
For someone to feel her despair
        Dm            Bb        Gm               A
To be damned to know hoping is dead, and you're doomed
          Bb                     E
Then to scream out and nobody's there
She knew no one cared
 Am          Dm         Am
Father left home, poor mother died
    E           F
Leaving Susie alone
Grandfather's soul too had flown
 Am        Dm
No one to care
         Am           E            F
Just to love her how much can one bear
Rejecting the needs in her prayers
    Am          Dm
Neglection can kill
         Am           E          F
Like a knife in your soul oh it will
Little Susie fought so hard to live
     Am           E
She lie there so tenderly
 Am            Dm
Fashioned so slenderly
 Am            Dm
Lift her with care
So young and so fair

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