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Bb chord C7 chord Eb chord Gbmaj7 chord C chord F9sus4 chord Ebm(add9) chord Ebm chord Dm chord Gm chord F7sus4 chord Gb chord Db chord F chord Cadd9 chord Cm chord Cmb5 chord D7 chord Cm7b5 chord Bbm chord Fm chord Dbm chord Gmaj7 chord Bb6 chord Gm6 chord Eb7 chord Abm chord G chord D chord Cm7 chord
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How To Play

Bb  C7  Eb  Gbmaj7  Bb C  F9sus4  Ebm(add9)
Bb          Eb Ebm  Bb  Dm  Gm
God and His on-ly  Son
          Bb     C     F7sus4
Paid a courtesy call on Earth
One Sunday morning
   Gb                           Db
Orange blossoms opened their fragrant lips
   Gb                    Db       F         Bb
Songbirds sang from the tips of Cottonwoods
Eb    Bb  Cadd9         Cm                 Bb
Old folks wept for His love in these hard times
  Bb                        C  Eb
"Well, we got to get going,
            Cmb5    Bb  D7     Gm
"said the restless Lord to the Son
             Bb     C         Eb
There are galaxies yet to be born
 Cm7b5       Bb         Gb
Creation is never done
               Bbm                   Ebm
Anyway, these people are slobs here
Ebm                           Db    F
If we stay it's bound to be a mob scene
 Bb   Eb Bb  C
But, dis-ap-pear,
          Cm       Eb  Cm7b5  Db Fm  Db
And it's love and hard times
I loved her the first time I saw her
I know that's an old songwriting cliche
Gmaj7                      Bb6
Loved you the first time I saw you
         C7                     Bb   Gm6  Eb
Can't describe it any other way
Ebm       Bb   Dm  Gm
Any other way
      Bb           C7       Eb         Ebm   Bb   Gb
The light of her beauty was warm as a summer day
  Gb         Db               Ebm
Clouds of antelope rolled by
            Db  F   Bbm
No hint of rain to come
         Eb7    C
In the prairie sky
           Eb    Cm    Bb    Db Fm   Db
It's just love, love, love, love, love
          Abm                             Gb                   Gmaj7
When the rains came, the tears burned, windows rattled, locks turned
       G                              Bb6        Gm
It's easy to be generous when you're on a roll
                      C7                            Bb Gm6 Eb Ebm
It's hard to be grateful when you're out of control
             Bb   D Gm
And love is gone
     Bb           C7             Eb
The light at the edge of the curtain
        Ebm    Bb
Is the quiet dawn
Gb                       Bbm
The bedroom breathes in clicks and clacks
 Emb               Db     F    Bbm
Uneasy heartbeat, can't relax
               Eb   Bb   Cadd9
But then your hand takes mine
      Cm7    Cm7b5           Bb
Thank God, I found you in time
      Cm7    Cm7b5      Bb
Thank God, I found you
      Cm7                 Bb
Thank God, I found you

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