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G chord D chord A chord Em chord E chord G sharp minor chord
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How To Play

Note: Capo on first fret!!
[play this progression slowly, listen the song to get the feel..]
G       / D      / A      / D   /    G   / D   / A
G           D          A                  D
Sometimes I lie awake, wondering if i?ll make it out of here,
G                  D                     A
but the wind blows round my heels, so I stay -
G           D            A                  D
I rememnber lying there, wishing I could be someone else
G                  D           A
trying to find somehow to get away
G            A             D                        G
If I ask him nicely d'you think he'd show me how to fly,
         Em                                  G                A
'cos the dust has weighed my wings down, and I'm too tired to try
[next... verses and chorus ]
[this is the last line of chorus two...]
     En                                G                      A
I?m sure he?s out there listening, but he?s too tied up rigth now...
      E        A
.. to try,   ( ah... )
E      A
all my sins
     E            A
'cos I can?t stop now, (oh..)
G#m                  A
Just don?t leave behind
[next... verses and chorus and fade with the verses progression.
note the chorus lyrics changes a bit ..]

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