Miss Marie And The Bedford Blaze Acoustic Chords & Lyrics Artist:

Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

E chord E6 chord A7 chord Fdim7 chord Edim7 chord
D Sharp dim7 chord
E(b5) chord Esus4 chord E7 chord B7 chord D chord A chord B chord G chord F chord D sharp chord A Sharp chord C chord F sharp chord C Sharp chord F sharp 7 chord G sharp chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

E  E6  E  A7  E  Fdim7  Edim7  D#dim7  E  E(b5)  Esus4  E7
                        E7  A7
Now if only for a minute
If only for a mile if you die with true love in your hands
     B7                      E  E7  E  E7  E
Then you've gone out in style
    E                               D
She was a social sea weed from the streets of San Antone
           A                          E
He was the homeliest of homelies from Bedford Oregon
     E                         D
They met up at a truck stop outside of east LA
A                              B            E  E7  E
He was hauling cattle, she was hauling Mary Kay
     E                            D
Over several cups of coffee, they poured out their hearts
         A                         E
And in a truckers' motel room, he swore that they'd never part
    E                       D
And it was off to Vegas, to concecrate their vows
    A                           B                   E
And find David Allan Coe, after he dropped off them cows
    G           A              E
She met Coe one night out in Salinas
        G            A              E
She had every record that he'd ever made
    G                  A             E
She always viewed him special like a prophet
            E                                   B                  E    F
They wanted him to preach the wedding of Miss Marie to the Bedford Blaze
    F                              D#
Two losers on the lonesome side of no where
        A#                                 F
Hauling something like they'd never seen before
        F                                D#
Driving love around like it was tanks of nitro
              A#                                 C                F    F#
He'd sing her love songs on the CB, her favorite one was Swinging Doors
        F#                               E
She was flying with the stars out on the desert
B                            F#
Rolling like a newborn tumbleweed
        F#                                 E
Finally blowin' past the years of hurt and anger
     B                              C#               F#
On t'ward a bright tomorrow, Miss Marie was gaining speed
E  B  F#  F#7  F#
F#                                   E
Then the moon disappeared behind the mountains
B                                     F#
Fog covered up the grade on Phantom's Pass
      F#                                      E
Blaze told Marie baby, better slow it down to twenty
        B                           C#             F#  G
But the horses in her hood, had her moving way too fast
    G                                    F
She made it through the fog on skill and courage
    C                          G
But up ahead, there appeared a light
           G                           F
It was the driver of a stranded bus of children
        C                                      D                 G   G#
To save them she drove her truck off Phantom's Pass and lost her life
      G#                            F#
Blaze didn't even stop to watch her suffer
    C#                                   G#
Nor could his tears drown out the fire below
        G#                                           F#
He just drove his truck right straight on through to Vegas
        C#                     D#          G#
Found a bottle and a Bible and David Allan Coe
E  E7  E  E7  E

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