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INTRO:    drum intro and signature riff played 2x
She' said, "Hey cowboy, get off of that couch".
And the party's on you and we're going out.
Got my low cut dress and my knee high boots.
I'm like money to burn and nothing to lose.
You're the man of the house; you better think of something.
 Astop                               A (riff)2x
'Cause momma don't get dressed up for nothing."
She said, "I've been couped in this house all week.
It's time to pick it up and move it down to party street."
She said, "Saddle up Hoss; it's your lucky day.
And I'm a she-cat tiger comin' out of the cage.
And we can go high rollin', or beer joint jumpin'.
 Astop                        A (riff)
Mamma don't get dressed up for nothing."
She's a party animal, a little high strung.
I see her bettin' and I raise her one.
Oh, I love it when she gets wound up.
       E                              D
I'm a Jack of Hearts, she's my Lady Luck---.
SOLO:  (D, A, D, E)piano (A, D, A, E-F#-G-A-B-C#-D)guitar
We're gonna find a little place where we can rip and roll.
We gonna cut a deep groove in that hardwood floor.
Set up the shooters and break out the cream.
Throw a whole roll of quarters in the boogie machine.
We're gonna turn up the heat and keep the jukebox humpin'.
       Astop                          A
'Cause momma don't get dressed up for nothing.
Go high rollin' and beer joint jumpin'.
Momma don't get dressed up for nothing.
Say Babe, you better think of something.
'Cause momma don't get dressed up for nothing. (riff)3x

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