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How To Play

Eb Dm Cm
Ab Gm Fm
Eb        Dm          Cm
Well Mrs. Hutchinson,
Eb             Dm           Cm
you're looking healthy (huh)
Ab       Gm      Fm
But just in case
Eb              Dm     Cm
Here's a pill a remedy
Eb        Dm          Cm
Well Mrs. Hutchinson,
Eb       Dm           Cm
this is something
Ab          Gm
That little upset,
I thought I'd diagnosed
Eb          Dm
Well not to worry,
it's not what I supposed
F              Am            Dm
You better sit down son your mother's very ill (ah)
Bb             Dm           Gm
We may have to operate it's more than just a chill
C             Em          Am
But don't you worry, it's all in competent hands
F                         G                  C       n.c
We believe it's under the ribs or one of the glands
Eb        Dm          Cm
Well Mrs. Hutchinson,
Eb          Dm         Cm
eat up your breakfast     (come on!)
Ab              Gm                Fm
Don't smoke, it stunts your growth
Eb            Dm
Stick to your diet,
let's hope that you're insured
Eb   Dm   Gm Gbm Fm
Db   Cm   Bb A Ab
(Come on eat your breakfast !)
G   Fm  G   Fm  G   Fm  G   Fm
G   Bb  Db  F   Fdim7
Eb        Dm          Cm
Well Mrs. Hutchinson,
Eb          Dm
you must be very pleased
to know you're leaving here
Ab             Gm          Fm
We're going to miss you so (hold on)
Eb              Dm        Cm
Here comes your son again
F       Am             Dm
Are you thirsty son, I think you'll need a drink
Bb                Dm                   Gm
There's been some complications, she's very near the brink
C         Em             Am
I have to tell you, it's my duty to speak
F           G               C     n.c
Your mother will not last a week

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