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Csus2/Bb chord G/B chord Bbadd+11 chord Dsus2 chord A chord Gmaj7 chord Fmaj7 chord D chord
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How To Play

Special chords:
Csus2/Bb  x10011
G/B       x20033
Bbadd+11  x13330
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb G/B
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb G/B
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb
Dsus2                       Csus2/Bb
   All the things that I needed
    G/B          Dsus2
And wasted my chances
I have found myself wanting
Dsus2                  Csus2/Bb
  When my mother and father
G/B              Dsus2
Gave me their problems
I accepted them all
Dsus2            Csus2/Bb
Nothing ever expected
G/B        Dsus2
I was rejected
But I came back for more
Bbadd+11                   A
   And my ashes drift beneath the silver sky
         Gmaj7                            A
Where a boy rides on a bike but never smiles
Bbadd+11                  A
   And my ashes fall on all the things we said
     Gmaj7                         Fmaj7 D A Fmaj7 D A
On a box of photographs under the bed
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb G/B
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb
Dsus2                Csus2/Bb
  I will stay in my own world
G/B         Dsus2
Under the covers
I will feel safe inside
Dsus2               Csus2/Bb
  A kiss that will burn me
    G/B           Dsus2
And cure me of dreaming
I was always returning
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb G/B
Dsus2 Csus2/Bb
Bbadd+11              A
  And my ashes find a way beyond the fog
        Gmaj7                           A
And return to save the child that I forgot
Bbadd+11               A
  And my ashes fade among the things unseen
         Gmaj7                          A
And a dream plays in reverse on piano keys
Bbadd+11            A
And my ashes drop upon a park in Wales
        Gmaj7                            Fmaj7 D          A
Never-ending clouds of rain, and distant sails, distant sails
Fmaj7 D A
Fmaj7 D A Fmaj7 D A

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