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Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

Bb7 chord G/A chord D chord F7 chord D7 chord G chord A chord D/A chord D7/A chord A/G chord Bb chord C over Bb chord Asus chord D/F# chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
Bm7 chord Em7 chord A7 chord B7sus chord B7 chord E7/G# chord A7sus chord G7 chord
D7 over F Sharp chord
A5 chord F sharp minor chord Dsus chord Bsus chord Bm chord A/B chord G(add4) chord G(add2) chord Esus chord Em chord D5 chord E5 chord C7 chord E chord E/G# chord E7 chord C9 chord B over A chord C chord D/C chord B chord
G Sharp minor 7 chord
C Sharp minor 7 chord
C#7sus chord
C Sharp 7 chord
A#dim chord F chord F/A chord Am7 chord Dm7 chord Gm7 chord Bbsus chord C7sus chord D7sus chord
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How To Play

That's my cigar
       G/A     D
You'll steal another
                Bb7       G/A     D
Hey, look, it's bath time at the zoo
               F7    D7       G
I thought that I'd surprise my mother
             Bb7     G/A
If you could find her
           D        Bb7    A
Who asked you
            G/A          D/A
From Bottle Alley to the harbor
             G/A            D/A
There's easy pickings guaranteed
        D7/A      D7      G
Try any banker, bum, or barber...
            G/A               D
They almost all knows how to read!
G       A/G     G          A/G
It's a crooked game we're playing
 G         A/G   G
One we'll never lose
 Bb      C/Bb    Bb        C/Bb
Long as suckers don't mind payin'
 Bb     C/Bb    Asus
Just to get bad news
            D   D/F#
Ain't it a fine life
 G           G/A                D   D/F#       G   G/A
Carryin' the banner through it all
          D   D/F#
A mighty fine life
 G           G/A              F#m7      Bm7
Carryin' the banner tough and tall
         Em7   D/F#
When the bell rings
G/A             A7
We goes where we wishes
We's as free as fishes
B7sus              B7
Sure beats washing dishes
       Em7 D/F# G E7/G#
What a fine... life
 A7sus                         D
Carryin' the banner home-free all!
[Finch] (Spoken)
Hey Crutchie, what your leg say, gonna rain?
[Crutchie] (Spoken)
No rain... Ha, partly cloudy clear by evenin'!
[Race] (Spoken)
And the limp sells 50 papes all by itself!
I don't need a limp to sell papes. I've got personality.
            G7         G/A          D
It takes a smile that spreads like butter
               G7      G/A    D
The kind that turns a lady's head
D/F#            D7    D7/F#    G
   It takes an orphan with a stutter
Who's also blind
And mute
And dead!
[Crutchie, Buttons, Jo-Jo]
  G      A/G        G       A/G
Summer stinks and winter's freezing
 G       A/G      G
When you works outdoors
[Jack, Tommy Boy, Crutchie, Buttons, Jo-Jo]
Bb       C/Bb     Bb     C/Bb
Start out sweating end up sneezing
Bb   C/Bb      A5
In between it pours!
               D    D/F#
Still, it's a fine life
  G           G/A             D   D/F#       G   Asus
Carryin' the banner with me chums
            D  D/F#
A bunch of big shots
 G             G/A           F#m7     Bm7
Tossin' out a freebie to the bums
Hey! What's the hold up
Waitin' makes me antsy
I likes living chancey
B7sus        B7
Harlem to Delancey
       Em7 D/F# G E7/G#
What a fine life
Carryin' the banner through the
Dsus D Bsus Bm
Blessed children
Dsus        D      A/B       Bm
Though you wander lost and depraved
G(add4) G(add2) Esus Em
     Jesus..... loves you
A7sus     A7 Dsus   D
You shall be saved!
[Race] (In counterpoint to Nuns and other Newsies)
Dsus D  Bsus Bm
Curdled coffee
 Dsus     D        A/B          Bm
Concrete donuts sprinkled with mold
G(add4) G(add2) Esus Em
Homemade... biscuits
A7sus   A7     D5
Just two years old
If I hate the headlines
I'll make up a headline
[Add Crutchie]
And I'll say anything I hafta
[Add Race and Romeo]
'Cause at two for a penny if I take too many
Weasel just makes me eat 'em afta
[Group One]                                          [Group Two]
Got a feeling bout the headline                      I do too!
I smells me a headline                               So it must be true
Papes are gonna sell like we was givin' em' away      What a switch!
Betcha dinner it's a doozy                           Soon we'll all be rich
'bout a pistol-packing floozey
Who know how...                                      Don't know a better way...
[Both Groups]
                      B7sus make a newsie's day!
           A7      A/B    E     E/G#
You wanna move the next edition
            C7       A/B   E
Give us an earthquake or a war
             G7     E7   A
How 'bout a crooked politician
            C9        A/B      E
Ya nitwit, that ain't news no more
 A     B/A       A       B/A
Uptown to Grand Central Station
 A      B/A   A
Down to City Hall
C    D/C        C    D/C
We improves our circulation
 C       D/C    B7sus
Walking till we fall
[Group One]                               [Group Two]
             E5  E/G#
But we'll be out there                    Got a feeling bout the headline, I smells me a headline
 A            B            E5                            E/G#              A          B
Carrying the banner man to man!           Papes is gonna sell like we was givin' em' away
             E5  E/G#
We're always out there                    Betcha dinner it's a doozy, 'bout a pistol-packing floozey
 A             B             G#m7                                              C#m7
Soakin' every sucker that we can!         Don't know any better way to make a newsie's day
Here's the headline:                      I was stakin' out the circus 
Newsies on a mission!                     And then someone said that coney's really hot
Kill the competition                      But when I get there
C#7sus          C#7
Sell the next edition                     There was Spot with all his cronies
We'll be out there, carryin' the banner   Heck, I'm gonna take what little dough I got and play the ponies
       G#m7        C#m7
See us out there, carryin' the banner     We at least deserve a headline for the hours that they work us
       F#m7 A A#dim B7sus         B
See us out there, carryin' the banner     Jeez, I bet if I just stayed a little longer at the circus
       C      F   F/A     Bb          C             F   F/A        Bb   C
We'll all be out there, carryin' the banner man to man
              F   F/A     Bb          C             Am7        Dm7
We're always out there, soakin' evey sucker that we can
          Gm7 Bbsus
Here's the head...line:
Newsies on a mission
Kill the competition
D7sus           D7
Sell the next edition
         Gm7          C7sus
We'll be out there, carryin' the banner
       Gm7          C7sus
See us out there, carryin' the banner
       Gm7          C7sus
Always out there, carryin' the banner
Ah, ah, ah, go!

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