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Am chord Ab chord Am7 chord Bb chord Bm chord C chord Cm chord D chord Dm chord Dm7 chord Eb chord Em chord F chord G chord Gm chord G over D chord C/E chord G/B chord C/D chord Ebmaj7 chord Am9 chord Eb/G chord G5 chord F5 chord Gm9 chord Eb6 chord F/A chord Bb/D chord F/Eb chord F6 chord Em7b5 chord F#m7b5 chord
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How To Play

Ya don't need money when you're famous! They gives ya whatever you want, gratis!
Such as...?
A pair o' new shoes with matchin' laces
A permanent box at the Sheepshead Races
Pastrami on rye with a sour pickle
Gm                              C/D
My personal puss on a wooden nickel!
G       C   Dm  C/E  F6    F#m7b5 G     C Am9 Bm D
Look at me, I'm the King of New York!
G      C  Dm  C/E F6
Suddenly, I'm respectable
Bb             Eb
Starin' right at'cha
Lousy with stature
G                       Em
Nobbin' with all the muckety-mucks
    C                     Am      G/D
I'm blowin' my dough, and going deluxe
D    G    C
And there I be!
Dm   C/E F6
Ain't I pretty?
Bb      Eb
It's my city
I'm the King of New York!
A solid gold watch with a chain to twirl it
My very own bed and an indoor terlet
A barbershop haircut that cost a quarter
Gm                                C/D
A regular beat for the star reporter!
G         C
Am-scray, punk
Dm    C/E F6     F#m7b5 G
She's the King of New York!
G      C      Am      Bm     D
Whod'a thunk! I'm the king of New York!
G      C     Dm   C/E F6
We was sunk, pale and pitiful
Bb          Eb
Bunch'a wet noodles
Pulitzer's poodles!
G                Em
Almost about to drown in the drink
When she fished us out
    Am            G/D
And drowned us in ink!
D  G         C
So let's get drunk!
Dm  C/E  F6      Bb         Eb
Not with liquor, fame works quicker
When you're King of New York!
I gotta be either dead or dreaming
Cause look at that pape with my face beamin'
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it
But I was a star for one whole minute!
[Dance Break]
F Bb Cm Bb/D Eb6 Em7b5
F Bb Gm9 Am7 Bb Cm Bb/D Eb6
Ab Bb C D Ab
G       C
Look at me
Dm      F6    F#m7b5 G
I'm the King of New York!
G        C
Wait and see!
Dm  C/E F6         Bb          Eb
This is gonna make both the Delanceys
Pee in their pants-sies!
G                      Em
Flashpots are shootin' bright as a sun
    C                Am       G/D
I'm one highfalutin' son of a gun!
  G      C
I guarantee
Dm    C/E F6          Bb      Eb
Though I crapped out, I ain't tapped out!
Eb      D
I'm the King of New-
G          C
Friends may flee
Dm   C/E F6
Let 'em ditch ya!
Bb       Eb
Snap one pit'cha
Eb                 D
You're the King of New-
G    C
Dm    C/E  F6
Front page story
Bb       Eb
Guts and glory
F/Eb Ebmaj7  Dm7
I'm  the King
G/B C F/A Bb Eb/G Ab
D  F5  G5
of New York!

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