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             B                     F#
When you're alone, do you think of me?
                E                  B
And my diamond rings thrown out to sea. 
              B                    F#
And when you love, do you love for me?
      E                        B
Like harmony, a never ending dream. 
   G#m       F#           E            B
Oh well, oh well. I still hope for the best. 
     G#m                 F#          E       B
Say goodbye and send me off with a kiss farewell.
       G#m         F#           E              B
And I promise I'll be just as strong as I can be.
 E                        F#         B
Maybe you could get some sleep tonight. 
               B                   F#
So here's your song. It's twisting me.
             E                 B
I'd give anything to make you scream. 
               B                 F#                   E
And I'll just smile, and make believe I don't feel a thing. That doesn't
G#m      F# E
Work for me. 
[2nd Chorus]
 G#m         F#               E                   B
Oh well, oh well. Guess I'll see you in a little while. 
           G#m            F#           E       B
There's a pretty little picture that's in my head.
          G#m        F#               E             B
And I'm starting to dream, changing colors while I sleep.
  E                     F#
Maybe I'm just wasting time. 
[1st Post-Chorus]
B-B  F#-F#     E               G#m F# E                      B-B
Sit still and listen to the soundtrack. I'll tell you how I, took one
F#-F#                 E
Straight through the heart, and it's not easy to talk about. 
So we all
Scream loud.
B F# E G#m F# E
And that was it. I had made it clean just across the street with my new
              B                F#                  E                B
So I'll just fly and hope that I remember the good times when it's done. 
[3rd Chorus]
  G#m         F#           E         B              G#m             F#
Oh well, oh well. I can't live with myself as I'm climbing in your window
    E           B
To get to your bed. 
        G#m           F#           E          B      E
And I'll be what you need, you can call me anything just as long as we're
Still friends. 
[2nd Post-Chorus]
B-B  F#-F#     E              G#m-F#-E                      B-B
Sit still and listen to the soundtrack. I'll tell you how I took one
F#-F#                  E                                      G#m-F#-E
Straight through the heart, and it's not easy to talk about.
So we all sing.
B      E    G#m F# E
Whoa, Whoa, Who-o-oa
[1st Bridge]
B                           E                      G#m     F#
  When she smiles it's got nothing to do with me. 
     E                             B
I'm not the one who sings her to sleep. 
                          E                                       G#m  F#
And I've been talking to God asking for just a little help with you 
but It's hopeless. 
[2nd Bridge x2]
B                       E
It's not the first time but this one really carved it in. 
G#m        F#          E                                B
Tell your new friends that they don't know you like I do.
          E                     G#m        E        F#
It's over. I wanna see you again. I wanna feel it again. x2
               B               F#                 E                  B
I'll keep you warm safe in my arms. 'Till heaven calls, keep holding on.

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