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D chord Bm7 chord
D over C Sharp chord
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|(D) |(Bm7) |(D/C#) |(Bm7)(A)| x 2
D               Bm7        D/C#             Bm7    A     Em7
He came home to Tennessee, young man at the end of forty five
     A                                                    D
Only one of seven men in his platoon that made it back a- live
                         Bm7                  D/C#           Bm7  A         Em7
And he must've seen some tough things, but he never said too much 'bout all that
        A                                             Em7            A            D
Put his pictures and his memories in our cedar chest, everything but his old army hat
D                Bm7             D/C#                Bm7      A         Em7
By the time that I was born, the winds of change had swept a- cross our land
          A                                                                     D
They were burning flags and draft cards when they bothered to take some kind of stand
                        Bm7          D/C#            Bm7   A        Em7
Now we used to laugh at grandpa like he was some old relic from the past
          A                                               Em7           A             D
'Cause he never left the house unless he was wearing that funny looking worn out army hat
G                                                   D
Every eye was on him, anytime when he went anywhere
     A                                                                     D
They whispered and they pointed, but you could tell my grandpa didn't care
         G                                                             D
"I ain't wearing this for them", he'd say, "It's a whole lot more than that
For my buddies who gave everything
    A                      Em7             A             D      Bm7 D/C# Bm7 A
The least that I can do is keep on wearing this old army hat"
   D                Bm7                D/C#           Bm7     A   Em7
He called me up one morning, said he'd seen it on the news on his TV
         A                                                     D
"They've opened up a monument to World War II in Washington 
                     Bm7           D/C#               Bm7        A   Em7
"I ain't getting any younger and I wish someone would take me to see that"
And I couldn't help but think they're gonna laugh at you up there
       D               A          D
If you show up in that silly army hat
    D                   Bm7     D/C#              Bm7    A     Em7
Two strangers, both sa- lute as grandpa walked up to the monu- ment
A                                                                         D
One said, "Thank you soldier, for the job well done," the other said, "A- -men"
                            Bm7           D/C#            Bm7    A       Em7
And a young boy told him, " Sir, my daddy went to war and didn't make it back
          A                                          Em7          A              D
Could you take a picture standing here beside me and maybe let me wear your army hat"
G                                                    D
Every eye was on him, there was not a dry one in the crowd
     A                                                                D
They whispered and they pointed as my grandpa stood up extra tall and proud
       G                                                                          D
And he told him, "Son, just keep it" when the young boy tried his best to give it back
          Em7                      A                       Em7          A            D
"You're a brave little soldier and every soldier needs his very own au- thentic army hat"
          Em7                           A
"For your daddy who gave everything the least that I can do
   Em7              A             D      D     D
Is pass on this old worn out army hat" | x 7

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