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E chord Am chord D chord Gmaj7 chord Fmaj7 chord G chord A chord D/A chord Bm chord
C Sharp 7 chord
F sharp minor chord Esus4 chord F sharp chord Amaj7 chord F#m/E chord
D over C Sharp chord
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How To Play

Capo: 1st fret. If you want to play without capo, you can set the "Transpose" button on +1.
| E     | Am    | D     | Gmaj7 |
| E     | Am    | D     | Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 | G    | G     |
| A     | D/A   | Bm    | E     |
A             D/A
 Outdated and antiquated
Bm               E
 I belong in the past
C#7              F#m    D     Bm        E   Esus4   E
 The future's uncertain and today can't last
A                    D/A
 Old fashioned, I'm "balder-dashing"
Bm                 E
 Every new fangled trend
C#7                F#m     D             Bm
 Can't seem to go with the flow, it just don't make sense
 I don't fit in
| A     | D/A   | Bm    | E     |
A             D/A
 Outdated and antiquated
Bm                  E
 The thoughts in my head
C#7                   F#m          D       Bm           Esus4  E
 They're all on their phones while I write poems instead
A               D/A
 Endangered and getting stranger
Bm             E
 Eccentric and old
C#7               F#m        D       Bm
 Each day my disc player and I might take a stroll
E                     A   D   A
 While time takes its toll
        F#            Bm
But I'm relevant to myself
         E              Amaj7
And I'm stubborn to the core
F#                    Bm
Go on and see for yourself
                E                  G
They just don't make em like me anymore
| A     | D/A   | Bm    | E     |
C#7                 F#m  F#m/E  D D/C#  Bm      E   Esus4   E
 Can't get with the program     unlike  all the rest
A                    D/A         Bm             E
 Here I stand in the Sally Ann or St Vincent de Paul
C#7                    F#m     D       Bm
 If you promise you'll take me with my faults and all
 I'll be your doll
A            D/A
 La la la la la la la la
Bm           E
 La la la la la
A            D/A
 La la la la la la la la
Bm           E
 La la la la la
C#7             F#m     D
 I'm vintage in mint condition
      Bm        Esus4   E
I was meant for you

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