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D#dim chord Em chord D chord G chord Gm chord F sharp minor chord Bm chord D6 chord E chord Dmaj7 chord F#dim chord F sharp 7 chord Em7 chord E7 chord E9 chord Gm6 chord C9 chord
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How To Play

D#dim              Em
Why don't we stop foolin' ourselves?
D                       Em
The game is over, over, over
G           Gm  D F#m   Bm
No good times, no bad times
D       G  D
There's no times at all
D6        G       E
Just the New York Times
D Em           G
Sittin' on the windowsill
          D      Gm
Near the flowers
Dmaj7      F#dim    Em
We might as well be apart
It hardly matters
  G    D      Em  F#7
We sleep separately
G                Dmaj7           D6
And drop a smile passin' in the hall
            G   F#m    Dmaj7
But there's no laughs left
Bm       Em7           E7
'Cause we laughed them all
D                  Em7
And we laughed them all
In a very short time
G                     F#m D  D6
Time is tapping on my forehead
E9 Em7sus        D
Hangin' from my mirror
E9  Em7sus     F#m
Rattlin' the teacups
Em      Gm    D   F#dim Em7     Gm6
And I wonder, how long can I delay?
D                       G D Em7   F#7
We're just a habit like saccharine
G        C9         D      Dmaj7  D6
And I'm habitually feeling kinda blue
    G     F#m Dmaj7 Bm
But each time I try on
The thought of leaving you
I stop
I stop and think it over

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