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How To Play

D     G     D
D            G
D  A                      D      G
If I leave my front door open
D                                G
Would you come and visit me?
D       G                Em7     G
Just to slander my name hoping
                              D       Bm
That I would pack my bags and leave
A                      B       G
If I did would you remember
D                     A         D      G
To feed the dove and clean the cage?
D                                Em7
And never count in front of the children
G                     D
Lest they die of old age
Am7                                       D
I don't really know why we have to go our separate ways
G        D
Separate ways
Whether or not we grow after the seeds are sown
G    D             C
Only time can say
A                  D     G
Can I offer you baklava
D      A              D        G
Or a bagel with cream cheese?
D    G  D                  Em7
Will we say grace to our father
G                         D
Holding hands down on our knees?
Are we better off just fighting?
D      A                D     G
You on your side, me on mine
Are the words that I keep writing
Em                 A   D
Only pearls before the swine?
Bm    Am7
      What makes men claim that you're a friend
When you are not at all?
G              D
They just want
They knock you down and then
                        G                      C
They lift you up again, just to see you fall
A          D                           G
But like a bird I'll keep on singing
D                                      G
A song that never leaves your mind
If nothing else you've taught me one thing
G                                  D
"Never cast your pearls before the swine"

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