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   There are laws of life in motion,        put in to play by the hand of God.
         A7                                                                  E7
You must be some gambling fool, if you think it's cool to try and beat those odds
Don't you feel like Helen Keller, such a stranger in this place
or a lonely Russian cosmonaut just floating out in space?
B                                                                A7
   Don't call your doctor, those little pills won't make it go a-way
  B                                                                 E7
A-part from your disaster, it's a one more picture postcard perfect day
We stumble through this jungle,    tangled in illusion and desire
      A7                                                                 E7
We be-lieve we've build a fortress and we wake up in a house of cards on fire
Someone fetch the fireman,   someone call police
They try their best to douse the flames, but they just can't quench the beast
B                                                        A7
   Don't call on Elvis, he's traveling incognito so they saaay
                          B                                                                 E7
Well-A    Well-A   Well-A-part from your disaster, it's a one more picture postcard perfect day
Truth be told…….what's been bought and sold…….in this blind pursuit of happiness.
Zombies and the clowns, they all gather ‘round,
    B                                          B
and drink a dram of hemlock to your tragic succeeeeeeeess
[Lead] (over verse chords)
E7 A7 E7 B A7 B A7 B E7
Here's some cautionary cliff notes, never buy a parrot on a whim
          A7                                                       E7
You can't trust his discretion; odds are you won't live as long as him
The moral of this story, is very plain to tell.
Everyone's a breath away from Heaven or from Hell
     B                                                                   A7
When life comes as you like a raging bull you must do more than shout "O-le!"
  B                                                                          E7
A-part from your disaster,              it's one more picture postcard perfect day
                          B                                                                 E7
Well-A    Well-A   Well-A-part from your disaster, it's a one more picture postcard perfect day
                 E7 E7

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