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Am chord Am7 chord C chord D chord E7 chord F/C chord Am/G chord Am6 chord Am9 chord Fdim chord B5 chord Bb5 chord F(add9) chord
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How To Play

Capo: 3rd fret

| Am7 | Am6 | Am7 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 |
C      E7          Am    Am/G
 I'm a high school lover                  
Fdim           E7       F(add9)    D
 And you're my favorite flavor
F/C      D    F/C     D
 Love is all,  all my soul
F/C         B5  Bb5    Am
  You're my playground love
| Am7 | Am6 | Am7 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 |
(sax solo)
C         E7        Am     Am/G
   Yet my hands are shaking                  
Fdim       E7   F(add9)    D
 I feel my body reeling 
F/C        D      F/C     D
 Time's no matter, I'm on fire
F/C      B5  Bb5    Am
  On the playground love
| Am7 | Am6 | Am7 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 | Am9 | Am6 |
(sax solo)
C           E7       Am     Am/G
 You're the piece of gold                         
Fdim          E7     F(add9)    D
 That flushes all my soul
F/C    D     F/C     D
 Extra time,  on the ground
F/C          B5  Bb5    Am
   You’re my playground love
| C E7 | Am Am/G | Fdim E7 | F(add9) D | D |
(sax solo)
F/C D     F/C D
 Anytime,  anyway
F/C        B5  Bb5    Am
 You're my playground love

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