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Em7 chord D6 chord A chord D9 chord A7/E chord D9/F# chord D/F# chord Gmaj7 chord Bm chord F#m/A chord G6/9 chord Em chord A7 chord F#7/A# chord Bm/A chord G#m7b5 chord Gdim chord Bm7 chord E7 chord Csus2 chord A7sus chord D chord G7 chord Asus4 chord F#M/A chord Esus4 chord Bm9 chord E chord Gmaj chord A7sus4 chord A7sus/E chord G chord A/G chord F chord G/F chord C9/E chord Am chord D7sus chord D7 chord E7sus chord Em/A chord E7/G# chord G9 chord E9 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
G/A chord
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How To Play

Em7 D6 A
Proud of your boy
A7/E          D9/F#     D/F#      Gmaj7
I'll make you proud of your boy
A           Bm  F#m/A
Believe me, bad as I've been, Ma
G6/9                 D/F#       Em
You're in for a pleasant surprise
A7             Bm
I've wasted time
F#7/A#       Bm/A  G#m7b5
I've wasted me
Gdim       D9/F#   D/F#
So say I'm slow for my age
Bm7                   E7      Csus2  A7sus
A late bloomer, Okay, I agree
A7              D
That I've been one rotten kid
          A              D6                    G7
Some son, some pride and some joy
Asus4          Bm              F#M/A
But I'll get over these lousin' up
G6/9       D9/F#           Esus4
Messin' up, screwin' up times
E7                     G7                             D6
You'll see, Ma, now comes the better part
  D9/F#           Bm9
Someone's gonna make good
Cross his stupid heart
                  Em  D/F#    Gmaj
Make good and finally make you
A7sus4       A7sus/E  A7/E
Proud of your boy
 D9/F#   D/F#  Gmaj A
G              A/G      G              A/G
Tell me that I've been a louse and loafer
G              A/G           D9/F#
You won't get a fight here, no ma’am
F       G/F           F       G/F
Say I'm a goldbrick, a goof-off, no good
F           G/F                 C9/E
But that couldn't be all that I am
Asus4         Am        D7sus
Water flows under the bridge
D7              G
Let it pass, let it go
Bm7                          E7sus     E7
There's no good reason that you should believe me
    Em/A         A7
Not yet, I know, but
Someday and soon
A7sus/E A7/E     D9/F#   D/F#    Gmaj
I'll make you proud of your boy
A             Bm         F#m/A
Though I can't make myself taller
G6/9                  D/F#     E7sus
Or smarter or handsome or wise
E7/G#            G9
I'll do my best, what else can I do ?
D9/F#                           Bm7            E9
Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you
Mom, I will try to
F#m7        Gmaj
Try hard to make you
G/A         D                Gmaj A   D
Proud of your boy

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