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Capo:6th fret

G  Am  C

         G     D     C
When the speed kicks in

  G         Am        C
I go to the store for nothing

    G    D     C
And walk right by

    G               Am              C
The house where you lived with Snow White

  G         D        C
I wonder if she ever thought

              G            Am            C
The storybook tiles on the roof were too much

             G            D         C
But from the window, it's not a bad show

                 G       Am           C
If your favorite thing's dianetics or stucco


    G              D        C
The drugstores are open all night

              G        D            C
The only real reason I moved to the east side

              G     D   C
I love a good place to hide in plain sight


G                  Cmaj7         C         Em
What if I told you I feel like I know you

    D        C
But we never met?


         G                         D         C
And here everyone knows you're the way to my heart

             G          Am         C
Hear so many stories of you at the bar

           G              D            C
Most times alone and some looking your worst

              G            Am              C
But never not sweet to the trust funds and punishers

       G           D             C
Man, I wish that I could say the same

                G      Am             C
I swear I'm not angry, that's just my face


          G             D        C
A copycat killer with a chemical cut

           G             D        C
Either I'm careless or I wanna get caught

G   D   C
Who I'm not


G                  Cmaj7         C         Em
What if I told you I feel like I know you

    D        C
But we never met?

It's for the best


G                D                       Em
 I can't open my mouth and forget how to talk

            C             G
'Cause even if I could, wouldn't know where to start

Am                C
 Wouldn't know when to stop

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