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Am/B chord Dbdim7 chord Gb7+ chord A/Db chord Bm/Ab chord F7sus chord A+ chord Eb chord Eb7 chord B+/Gb chord Em chord Em7 chord C chord A chord B chord C7 chord B7 chord Eb/G chord Bbm chord Bbm/Ab chord D chord Gm chord Bb chord A7 chord D7 chord
D7 over F Sharp chord
E chord Am chord E7 chord F chord
Dm over F chord
Dm chord Bdim7/E chord Bdim/E chord G7sus chord Bb/F chord C7/E chord
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How To Play

Am/B    x2221x
Dbdim7  x4535x
Gb7+    4x455x
A/Db    x4222x
Bm/Ab   4x332x
F7sus   1x334x
A+      x02221
Eb      x1134x
Eb7     x6564x
Eb/G    3x5343 Thumb on 6th str
B+/Gb   22x443
Bdim7/E 02313x alternate the bass 5th str to 6th str on this one
| Em |Am/B Em|Am/B Em|Am/B Em|
| Em |Am/B Em|Em7 Am/B|Am/B Em|
[Verse 1 Randy Newman]
Em    C           Em
Putin puttin' his pants on
A       C    Em
One leg at a time
Mean he's just like a regular fella, huh?
         C                             B
He ain't nothing like a regular fella!
Em    C           Em
Putin puttin' his hat on
A        C      Em
Hat size number nine
You saying Putin's gettin' big-headed?
Dbdim7  C7          B7
Putin's head's just fine!
       Eb/G      B+/Gb  Em
He can drive his giant tractor
           Eb             A/Db
Across the Trans-Siberian plain!
       Bbm     Bbm/Ab  Eb/G
He can power a nuclear reactor
                   F7sus  C
With the left side of his brain!
And when he take his shirt off
He drive the ladies crazy!
And when he take his shirt off
Make me wanna be a lady! It's the Putin Girls!
[Chorus: Putin Girls]
Gm            Bb                C                Eb
Putin, if you put it, would you put it where you put it?
Gm            Bb                C              Eb
Putin, if you put it, would you put it next to me?
Gm            Bb                C                 Eb
Putin, if you put it, would you put it, where you put it?
Gm            Bb                C              Eb
Putin, if you put it, would you put it next to me?
[Interlude: Randy Newman]
     Gm         A7   D     Gm              A7       D7     Gm
Now, Putin hates the Putin Girls, cause he hates vulgarity,
         A7      D7/F#  Gm                        A7     D7    Gm
and he loves his mother country, and he loves his family.
                       C          Eb7                                                      Gm
He and his ex-wife Lyudmila, live right along the shore of the beautiful new Russian Black Sea.
Bb                                       E
Let's listen in, a great man is speaking:
[Verse 2: "Vladimir Putin"]
Am              E7
    We fought a war for this?
E7              Am
    I'm almost ashamed
F             Am
    The Mediterranean
        Dm/F        E          Am
    Now there's a resort worth fighting for!
Am              B7
    If only the Greeks or the Turks
E7                       Am
    Would start to sniff around
F                     Am
    Oh, I'd bring the hammer down
Dm/F   E                  Am
    So quick their woolly heads would spin!
E7                        Am
Woolly head, woolly head, woolly head
Oh, wait a minute, even better!
What if the Kurds got in the way?
     F         Am   F         A
Hey, Kurds and way, Kurds and way!
Dm                Bb                     Dm
Sometimes a people is greater than their leader:
Bb                     Dm
Germany, Kentucky, and France
                  Bb               Dm
Sometimes a leader towers over his country:
Bdim7/E                                    A
One shot at glory, they won't get a second chance
     Dm                 Bb           Dm
I'll drag these peasants kicking and screaming
Bb                  A
Into the 21st, century
Dm                    Bb               Dm
I thought we'd make it, I must've been dreaming
Bdim/E                                                      A
These chicken farmers and fire clerks gonna be the death of me
[Outro: "Vladimir Putin" and Putin Girls]
I can't do it
Bb       A
Sure you can!
I can't do it!
Bb       A
Yeah you can!
Dm             C                B             Bb   A
What makes you say that, girls? I'll tell you why:
A+                     Dm   F  G7sus  Am
Cause you're the Putin Man!
Gm  Bb        C
Who whipped Napoleon?
We did!
Gm      Bb        C
Who won World War II?
The Americans!
Gm       Bb        C      Eb
That's a good one, ladies
     Gm          Bb         C             Eb
It's our turn to sit in the comfy chair!
Gm             Bb        C              Eb
And you're the man gonna get us there!
Gm      Bb    C                      Eb
I don't know, Lenin couldn't do it!
Gm      Bb    C                      Eb
I don't know, Stalin couldn't do it!
Gm                   Bb  C                       Eb
Now they couldn't do it, why do you think I can?
Gm           Bb/F                   C7/E     Eb
You're gonna lead our people to the Promised Land!
              D                           C Bb  Gm
You're right!   Cause goddamn, I'm the Pu-u-tin Man!

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