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G  C  C
  Am           C  Am                                           G            Am
A pilgrim on a pilgrimage,  walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, his sneakers torn,
                         G7              F                           G7  Am
In the hour when the homeless move their cardboard blankets, and the new day is born.
Dm     A7 G   Am          G7    D7  Am        C       D7          C   G7
Folded in his backpack pocket,  the questions that he copied from his heart..
Am       C              Am      D7  Am                   C
Who Am I in this lonely world,  and where will I make my bed tonight,
     G7   Am   C        Dm
When twi-light turns to dark.
D#m  Dm   C   G7    C        D#m  Dm C     G7   C
Questions for the angels...  who  believes in angels?
C7    C                Am     C7   Am  C
Fools do, fools and pilgrims, all  o - ver  the world.
[]Verse 2]
C      Am                    C    Am                             C   Am C      G7
If you shop for Love in a bargain store,  and you don't get what you bargained for,.
C       G7  Am                D7  C  Am                     C   D7  Dm
Can you get your money back,  If  an empty train in  a rail-way sta-tion,
Am                  C   D7 Dm           Am     C  D7  C    Dm
Calls you to its destin–a-tion, can you choose an-o - ther track?
            A7 G    Am            G7
Will I wake up from these violent dreams
             Am       D7     Am  C   D7 C  Dm
With my hair as white as the morning mo–oo–oon.
D#m  Dm   C  G7      C     D#m  Dm   C      G7    C
Questions for the angels,  who  be - lieves in angels,
C7 C                       Am   C7 Am C          G7
I  do, fools and pilgrims, all   o - ver the world.
                                      Am  C      Am
Downtown Brooklyn, the pilgrim is passing a bill-board,
C    G7             Am C      G7       C   Am             G7  C    G7
That catches his ey–ey-eyes,  it's Jay-Z,  he's got a kid on  each knee
         C   G7                     Am C  Dm
He’s wearing clothes that he wants  us to try.
                         G7    Am              C     D7  Dm  C         G7
If every human on the planet,  and all the buildings on  it, should disappear
              A7      Am     G7          Am     G7             Am   G7    C   Dm
Would a zebra grazing in the African Sav-an-na, care enough to shed one zebra tear?
G7       Am      D
Question for the angels.

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