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I ran into an old friend of mine the other day
G7                                   C
We hadn't seen each other in quite a while
And what he had to say hit me pretty hard
G7                                            C
Cause I think a lot of folks get started this way
                                       G7                C
He said I thought it would be so easy  another one night stand
                                G7                      C
She seemed so warm and willing  right in the palm of my hand
                                         G7                     C
Now its three months ago last Wednesday  since I woke up in her bed
                                G7                C
Lord I think I love her  but it scares me half to death
          F                   C
Cause you know I'm a rake and rambling man
F                 C          F                  C           F
Free as and eagle flies well look at me now and tell me the truth
C                F        C
Do I look like a daddy to you 
                    F        C
Oh do I look like a daddy to you
Now she's feeling sick in the morning
G7                     C
She can't get into her jeans
I spent my last ten dollars
G7                           C
And bought her a second hand ring
I start to work next Monday
G7                         C
Cause I just can't let her down
I've had me some good times
G7                      C
But that's all changing now
Repeat #3  x2

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