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      F                Bb
Where grasses grow and waters flow
     F             C
In a free and easy way,
    F                      Bb
But give me enough of that rare old stuff
       F         C      F
That's made near Galway Bay.
And policemen all from Donegal,
Sligo and Leitrim too,
      F                          Bb
We'll give them a slip and we'll take a sip
       F         C        F
Of the rare ould Mountain Dew.
Hi the dithery idle loo, ditheri oodle idle loo
dithery oo di dithery i day
Hi the dither idlo loo, ditheri oodle idle loo
Dithery oo di dithery i day
At the top of the hill there's a neat little still,
Where the smoke curls up in the sky;
By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell
That there's poteen brewing nearby;
It fills the air with an odor rare
And betwixt both me and you,
When home we roll we'll take a bowl
Or a bucket of the Mountain Dew.
Now learned men who use the pen
They sing your praises high
That sweet poteen from Ireland green
Distilled from wheat and rye;
Throw away your pills, it will cure all ills
Pagan or Christian or Jew
Take off your coat and grease your throat
With the rare ould Mountain Dew

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