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INTRO: D  G  D  G (2x)
            D                      G
The way she looks, the way way she walks
              D                 G
That southern twang, that dirty talk
      D              G
Rides Harleys, reads Vogue
          D                          G
She got a tattoo on her ankle, rebel flags on her toes
One shake of hip could make a puppy dog vicious
C    G           D
            D         G
She'll take Jack over martinis
       D            G
Skinny dippin' over bikinis
          D          G
That hard body, soft smile
Could send a big man to his knees and drive them little boys wild
She likes them tiny mini skirts and the way the preacher's boy blushes
C    G           D
        C                         G                         D
She's a long-tall, shopping mall, Barbie doll, trailer park queen
C               G                A
Mouth-waterin, 'bout hotter than anything I've ever seen
SOLO: D  G  D  G  D  G  D
She's an outlaw livin, ready and willin'
A                  C     G
Sun-tanned redneck Paris Hilton
          D                     G
You got a mansion, you drive a 'vette
           D                       G
You wear a Rollex, hell she ain't impressed
          A7                                                    C
She likes deer stands, beer cans, baits her own hook when she fishes
G                     D
Mmmm-mmm-mmm-mmm rebelicious
Ah, now that's what I'm talking about, man!
Cheap sunglasses, a pick-up truck, convertible...what is that thing, a '69?
Mmmm! Not a tan line on anything I can see
Woo! Hell I betcha she knows David Allan Coe

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