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Intro: Em G D Am C x2
There's snow on your collar, boy
There's snow on the bench
There's snow on the sleeping grave
And the crooked fence
And if you've been crying 
        C(with pinky)
With my hand on my chest 
I swear I'll never tell
The town is aglow with lights
The carolers sing
You sister won't sleep tonight
For the morning brings 
That old happy Christmas 
          C(with pinky)
You came here to find it
I did as well
Em                       G
For joy doesn't come in boxes 
    D                   Am
Nor peace in a heavy watch
 C           Em            G               D
Those red ribbon foxes are not so easy caught
         Am        G     D
But the search it never stops
The son of a holy man
You dream of the saints
So thin with your poet hands
And your eyes of flame
And I'd like to kiss you
Full on the mouth
I don't care if you tell
For love doesn't come in boxes
Nor truth in a crowded shop
Those red ribbon foxes are not so easy caught
But the search it never stops
Em     G       D
Ohhh, ooohh, oooh,
dum dum dum da da da,
dum dum da da da 
C(with pinky)
Uhuh aaaaaah
For faith doesn't come in boxes
Nor God in your silver cross
Those red ribbon foxes are not so easy caught
But the search goes on and on
   Em          G       D
The search it never stops

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