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Bbm chord Ebm chord Ab chord
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                          Bbm   Ebm Ab Bbm
Check out and remember my name
                           Bbm   Ebm Ab Bbm
Said you gonna remember my name
If I'm alive or not
Cold or hot
Block & guard my spot
Said you gonna remember my name
From the start 'til the end
Whether I lose or win
Family for a friend
You gonna remember my name
Bbm      Ebm      Ab
My name, my name yeah
Said you gonna remember my name
Bbm       Emb Ab Bbm
My name
Bbm             Ebm                  Ab
I promise to be nothing short of a G
Never beg for mercy, never seein' me flee
Bbm                    Ebm
Got blood on my knife, got cash in my jeans
Ab                   Bbm
Did dirt in my life, havin nightmares in my dreams
Bbm                   Ebm
I remember my father, I was watchin him suffer
Ab                      N.C.
Help me heavenly father don't let my life get rougher
Bbm                       Ebm
And you gotta forgive me, I got alcohol in me
Ab                   Bbm
Even after I'm dead, they gon' never forgive me
Bbm                 Ebm
I got homies I love that I lost in the game
Ab                     Bbm
In my mind they sayin "make 'em remember your name"
Bbm                         Emb
If they love you it's cool, give em a reason to hate you
I ain't chasin the fame
Bbm                        Bbm
Said you gonna remember my name

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