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How To Play

Standard Tune
Capo 1
F G Am Em
F G Am Bb
F         G             Am
   It all comes down to this
        Em          F
I miss your morning kiss
        G                Am
I won’t lie, I’m feeling it
          Bb                F
You don’t know, I’m missing it
       G            Am
I’m so dumb, I must admit
         Em              F
It’s too much to hold it in
        G                Am
I can’t say no more than this
                 Bb                   F
I just hope your heart hear me now
              G                 Am
Gotta let you know how I’m feeling
           Em                 F
You own my heart, he just renting
            G              Am
Don’t turn away, pay attention
I’m pouring out my heart oh, boy
-Chorus- x2
F   G               Am
I-I, I’m not living life
Em              F
 I’m not living right
G                  Am            Bb
 I’m not living if you’re not by my side
-Verse 2-
Let's meet at our favorite spot
You know the one, right around the block
From the nice place, that you love to shop
Can you get away?
Care to sit down? Let's talk it out
One on one, without a crowd
I wanna hold your hand
Make you laugh again, I need to be near you
Gotta let you know how I’m feeling
You own my heart, and she just renting
Don't turn away, pay attention
I’m pouring out my heart girl
-Bridge- x2
F           G
I can’t eat I-I-I-I
Am            Em
I can’t sleep I-I-I
F           G
What I need I-I-I
Am              Bb
Is you right by my side
-Gangster Rap Solo-
F                  G                         Am
It ain't your spit game, it’s your dick game
                     Em                                 F
That got me walking ’round ready to wear your big chain
             G                           Am
I only argue wit’ ‘em when the Lakers on
Other than that I’m getting my Marc Jacob’s on
When my pussy game so cold that he always seem to come back
Cause he know that it’d be a wrap
When I’m riding it from the back
Wait, oh, let me see your phone
Cause all them bitches is ratchet
And now let me get in my truck
Cause all them bitches’ll catch it
F               G
Wait wait wait, damn there I go again
     Am                      Em
I be trippin’, I be flippin, I be so belligerent
         F                        G
Man this shit that we be fighting over so irrelevant
        Am                         Bb
I don’t even remember though I was probably hella bent (Let's go)
[Repeat] x2
F G Am F(Fade out)

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