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Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

Cmaj7 chord Am7 chord G chord Bm7 chord Fmaj7 chord C/D chord Gmaj7 chord Em7 chord E9sus4 chord
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How To Play

Capo: 1st fret

Cmaj7 Am7 G Bm7 (x3)
Cmaj7 Am7 Fmaj7
Cmaj7    Am7  G
  Rolled up, tossed out
  Trying to understand why
Cmaj7 Am7    G      Bm7
  my life's gone south       Oh I’m
Cmaj7   Am7  G       Bm7               Cmaj7 Am7
  Holed up, locked out, shut in, held down
           Am7               C/D
There you are, right out of bed
             Gmaj7       Em7
The lucky charm I never had
            Am7                C/D
Is this my life, it’s not too bad
                   Gmaj7       Fmaj7
Still I’m rolled up, tossed out
Cmaj7   Am7   G
  Roll with, without
  Finally see the sun through
Cmaj7 Am7  G          Bm7
  All of those clouds
Cmaj7   Am7  G        Bm7              Cmaj7 Am7
  Holed up, locked out, shut in, held down
             Am7      C/D
Don’t be afraid to leave it all behind
Gmaj7          Em7
Tomorrow is a new day
Am7                                   C/D
Pack up and get out of here, we’re driving tonight
                Gmaj7                  Fmaj7
Until you’re back, till you’re rolled out
| C/D C/D | E9sus4 Em7 E9sus4 Em7 E9sus4 (x3)
| C/D C/D | Fmaj7
Cmaj7 Am7 G Bm7 (x3)
  La la la la, la la
Cmaj7 Am7 Fmaj7

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