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Am7 chord C chord Fmaj7 chord G chord
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How To Play

Capo:5th fret

Note: The G chords can be played as G6 [320000]

Special chords used :
Fmaj7 [1x3010]              /!\ Notice the open G string.
Am7   [x02010]
C    (G) |Am7   |Fmaj7  G |C
C           G                 Am7
Sometimes I feel I’m going nowhere
Fmaj7         G             C
Sometimes I’m sure I never will
C              G                 Am7
She said it’s cause I’m always moving
          Fmaj7        G               C
I never notice cause I never stand still
C    (G) |Am7   |Fmaj7  G |C
C            G                 Am7
Sometimes I feel like I’m falling
   Fmaj7          G            C
Falling fast and falling free
C            G                    Am7
She says my darling you’re not falling
Fmaj7                        G             C
Always looked like you were flying to me
G               C
But I fear I’ve grown,
G           C             Fmaj7
A rolling stone inside of me
         G             C
She said oh don’t you know
G              C                Fmaj7         G
That rolling stones stop at the sea
(G)                    C
And that’s where I’ll be
C    (G) |Am7   |Fmaj7  G |C       x2
C              G             Am7
Sometimes I’m sure I know no one
   Fmaj7             G         C
A thousand faces but no names
C            G                Am7
She said my love you do know someone
    Fmaj7          G             C
Oh and I know you back just the same
G         C
But I’m scared I said,
G             C               Fmaj7
What if this stone don’t slow down
G             C
Just be aware she said,
G         C                Fmaj7      G
What goes up will come down
(G)                        C
And when you do I’ll be around
C    (G) |Am7   |Fmaj7  G |C       x2
G              C
Oh when I’ve dragged this,
G         C                Fmaj7
Rolling stone across this land
G              C
I’ll make sure I,
G                   C        Fmaj7
Leave this stone in her hands
        G             C
For we both know too well,
G              C               Fmaj7      G
That rolling stones turn in to sand
(G)                                       C
If they don’t find a place to stand

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