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C chord F chord
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Only play the bass note or play C and F as power chords
        C          F
Hey I'm MC Lars, a wholesome kid
   C                         F
So popular I messed with the Olsen twins
          C                      F
Toured my ass off programming my laptop
           C                      F
Comic book rich wearing Simpson's ascots
    C                       F
Ask not if I'm dope cause I am you should know
C                         F
Selling out shows with my old school flow
     C                     F
From Stockholm to Raven to iGeneration
C                 F
ICP and Public Enemy my inspiration
C                  F
 Oh aight, rock an A's cap daily
C                F
Hot fangirls all calling me baby
      C                         F
Wanna have Lars Horris in their backseat Taurus
         C                        F
Cause my space game's bigger than Tyrannosaurus
        C                     F
But you know that I ain't got time 
                C              F
I've been on my grind since 1999
  C                       F
DIY and I'm living like a rock star
          C                      F
Can't get hyphy but I ghost ride cop cars
[MC Lars]
        C                    F
Well my name is K.Flay and I come from Illinois
    C                        F
And when I rock the mic well I get all the boys
    C                      F
I'm five foot seven I play by my own rules
       C                         F
I'm so smart that Harvard was my safety school
      C                    F
I'm a very good person, my pancakes are amazing
    C                                F
I'm building up my game to make this industry my plaything
  C                      F
I really like Muse and I dig Liz Phair
    C                        F
I'm down with Zion I, I have dyed brown hair
   C                F
Yo SF living double majored in Psychology
C                     F
Slash Sociology don't ask for an apology
     C                          F            N.C.
When I'm like "GIRL POWER!" and you're like "Whatever!"
       C                          F
I rock ProTools, Logic, Reason, because I'm very clever
C                F
Ableton? Please! That's my steez, 
      C                        F
I can easily pull nine awesome beats out my sleeve
       C                           F
I flow better than Lars, but don't tell him that!
    C                            F
On "This Gigantic Robot Kills" I ghostwrote half the tracks 
C              F           C      F
Welcome to the MC Lars and K.Flay show
C              F            C        F
We attack your ears like Vincent Van Gogh
       C             F
We got style, we got brains
        C                  F
On your girl we're running trains
         C              F
With our rhymes and our beats
       C              F
So now check out our EP

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