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Capo:1st fret

  E                                A                                  E
Basic was just like paw paw said, "keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine" 
Just another enlisted egg, in the bowl for uncle Sam's beater
  E                                                                A                    E
When you get to Dam Neck you hear a voice in your head saying "My life's no longer mine"
                            A    E   B7       E
Have you running with some SAD SOG BMF sin eaters
E                                   A              E
Setting out on them high seas feels just like being born
That first port call in Thailand feels like a pollywog turning nineteen
            E                                                A                  E
They've got king cobras fighting in boxing rings and all the angels play Connect Four
A                     E            B7                    E
Seems like a sailor's paradise but turns out to be a bad dream
          E                                    A          E
Well you hit the ground running in Tokyo to Kawasaki to Ebisu
Yokosuka, Yokohama, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi & Harajuku 
        E                                   A                 E
On to Busan, Pohang, Pattaya to Phuket, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
   A                   E                         B7         E
Seeing damn near the whole damn world from the inside of a bar
        A                            E
I got sea stories, and they're all true
Might seem a bit far fetched, why would I lie to you
            A                             E
Memories in ink forever stained still got salt running through my veins
                  B7                 E
I got sea stories, and my shell back too
|A   |E   |E    |B7
|A   |E   |E B7 |E
    E                                       A              E
Sometimes sirens send a ship off course, horizon gets so hazy
Maybe get high, play a little GoldenEye, on that ole 64
        E                                                 A
And if you get sick, and can't manage to kick, and get yourself kicked out of the Navy
                E                                       A
And spend the next year trying to score from a futon, life raft on the floor 
          E                                     B7                     E
And the next fifteen trying to figure out what the hell you did that for 
                                                 B7      E
Well flying high beats dying for lies in a politicians war  

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