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Bbm chord Ab chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

Bbm - x13321
Ab  - 133211 (on 4th fret)
Intro  Bbm  Ab  Bbm  Ab
Verse   Bbm Ab  Bbm  Ab   x 4
Chorus  Bbm  Ab  Bbm  Ab x 2
Verse 2&3 Bbm Ab x8
Chorus Bbm  Ab x 8
Bridge Bbm  Ab x 6
Outro Bbm  Ab x 4 end on Bbm
You were from the North, I was from the South
We were from opposite places, different towns
But I knew it was good and you knew it was too
So we moved together like a ball and chain
Minds becoming two halves of the same
It was real, but in shadows it grew
Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe?
I would've shouted loud and broken through
I would've given it all to belong to you
But there were different plans, different rules
You said "where I'm from there is a lock and key
If you'd be so kind as to follow me
I will show you the way to the rest of my sins"
Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe?
Yeah you, you got a secret don't ya babe?
And I should know
Yeah I should know
So this room was damp where your sins laid
There was that smell in the air of an old place
 That hadn't seen much daylight in years
And you threw me down, said, "If ya don't mind
I'm gonna leave you here until night time
Then we can do what we want my baby out of the spotlight."
Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe?
Yeah you, you got a secret don't ya babe?
And I should know
Yeah I should know
For I'm your secret aren't I babe?
Yeah I'm your secret aren't I babe?
Aren't I babe?

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