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A chord B chord E chord C sharp minor chord F sharp minor chord A/B chord E/G# chord B/E chord
G Sharp minor 7 chord
Cdim chord B over A chord Am6 chord Bsus4 chord A over C Sharp chord Amaj7 chord C#m11 chord
F Sharp minor 7 chord
F#m7/B chord
A over E chord
Db chord G sharp minor chord Aadd9 chord D7 chord B7sus4 chord
C Sharp minor 7 chord
B6 chord
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How To Play

    A                  B               E   E
You called me from the room in your ho tel
   C#m                  A                          E   B
all    full of romance     for someone that you've met
    F#m            A/B
and telling me how sorry you were
E                 E/G#              A                  A
  leaving so soon,     and that you miss me sometimes
              F#m                 B
when you're a lone in your room
Do I     feel lonely to?
synth  piano:
E/G#       E  B/E   E   G#m7
    Cdim    E     B/A                 B/E     Am6
You have no right     to ask me how I feel
            E     B/E  E/G#                   Bsus4    A/C#
You have no right           to speak to me so kind
            Amaj7        A/B           C#m11    G#m7
We can't go on,     just holding on to ties
               F#m7         F#m7/B
Now that we’re living             separate 
E  B/E  E      A/E
1       2      3       4 
E  B/E  E      A/E
1       2      3       4 
Db        Cdim
1    2    3    4
            E   B/A             B/E   Am6
Well I held on,      to let you go
           E      B/E         E/G#
and if you lost your love for me
          Bsus4       C#m11  G#m7
you never let it show,
           Amaj7  A/B            C#m11  G#m7
there's no way         to compro mise
             F#m7           F#m7/B          E
so now we're living                separate lives
A            G#m           F#m      G#m   A
Oo, it's so  typical, love leads to isola tion
       F#m7                    E/G#
so you build that wall,                    
                    build that wa-a-all
        Aadd9                  Bsus4
yes you build that wall 
                    build that wa-a-all
                C#m11      D7     B7sus4
and you make it stronger
            E      B/A                   B/E     Am6
You have no right        to ask me how I feel
            E     B/E  E/G#                    Bsus4    A/C#     B
You have no right            to speak to me so kind
          Amaj7             Bsus4           E     B/E   E/G#
Someday I might find myself looking in your eyes
        F#m7            Bsus4           E
But for now we'll go on living separate lives
        F#m7      C#m7     Cdim   B6   Bsus4
Yes for now we'll go on    living sep’ rate
C#m7 B/E  E   Amaj7          E  B/E E      A/E
1      2      3      4       1      2      3      4   
lives                        haw  aw    aw    aaaww
..slow down slightly:
E/G#   A     Bsus4           E
1      2      3      4       1      2      3      4   
ha ha  ha ha aww       sep rate lives

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