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A chord B chord B7 chord D chord E chord E7 chord G chord D/A chord E5 chord Esus4 chord
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How To Play

Capo: 1st fret

INTRO:  (approximate chords)
E5    E    A+2/E    B/E 
E    Esus4    A5/E    Bsus4/E 
G E   G D   A   A
G E   G D   A
There's a breakdown on the runway,  And the timeless flights are gone
                      D          A                         E
I'm a year ahead of myself these days,  And I'm locomotive strong
My city spread like cannon fire  In a yellow nervous state
                          D    A                     E
I can't cut the ties that bind me  To horoscopes and fate
      D/A   A           D/A   A
And I won't break and I won't bend
    D/A     A          E
But someday soon we'll sail away
   B         B7             E      E7
To innocence and the bitter end
      D/A   A           D/A   A
And I won't break and I won't bend
             D/A  A         E
And with the last breath we ever take
            B               B7          A      E
We're gonna get back to the simple life again
G E   G D   A   A
G E   G D   A
When we break out of this blindfold  I'm gonna take you from this place
Until we're free from this ball and chain  I'm still hard behind the eight
My city beats like hammered steel  On a shallow cruel rock
If we could walk proud after midnight  We'd never have to stop
G E   G D   A   A
G E   G D   A
A   A   E   E
A   A   E   E
G E   G D   A   A
G E   G D   A
G E   G D   A   A
G E   G D   A
G E   G D   A   E
G E   G D   A   A   A   A (fade)

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