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E chord
F Sharp 5 chord
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How To Play

Capo: 1st fret

| E  F#5  A  | D  | 4x
 E   F#5     A                 D
Hey,   sleepwalker, don't you miss the way
 E    F#5    A                 D
Wildflowers paint the western hills?
        E   F#5       A             D
Or the first autumn whisper mid-September brings
          E    F#5  A                D
And the glo---wy excitement that it builds?
D    A                 E
Everyone is afraid of something
D           A            E
Even the strongest man alive
 D         A               E
Hеy, sleepwalker, we went walking in thе western hills
And we picked you wildflowers
E                    F#m    D
 You gotta open your eyes
| E  F#5  A  | D  | 2x
 E   F#5    A                     D
Hey,  dreamcatcher, come out and see the leaves
     E       F#5        A          D
The mountainside's all watermelon red
E       F#5                  A
 Soon enough, they're gonna rust and fall
Leave the mountainside cold and bare
E      F#5            A
 But when the longer days of sun appear
They'll be rising like an answered prayer and I know that
D    A                 E
Everyone is afraid of losing
D        A                 E
Even the ones that always win
 D        A                E
Hey sleepwalker, when the mountain comes back to life
It doesn't come from without
E               F#m   D
 It comes from within
E               F#m                      A        D
 The hills are barren, but we look for what's to come
E          F#m             A       D
 Sweeter skies and longer days of sun
E          F#m                      A       D
 When you wake up, I'll be standing in the line
E             F#m                A         D
 To kiss your eyes and wipe the tears from mine
       D    A                   E
'Cause everyone is afraid of something
D           A            E
Even the strongest man alive
 D         A                   E                                           D
Hey, sleepwalker, Western Bluebells and Painted Cups are getting ready to rise
E              F#m
 It's time to begin
It doesn't come from without
E               F#m    D
 It comes from within
| E  F#5  A  | D  | 3x

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