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In B Minor. Jorma solos in B Minor.
G D Em A
Em A
Bm D A
Slowly dances over me, anyman’s story
Bm                  Em
Jesus had a son by Mary Magdalene 
       A                      D              A
And he rode the land like the man who went before 
Bm                                   Em
Young Jesus raised him proud, Mother Mary raised him proud
       A                        D               A
And he tracked down the men who laid his father down
    Bm                           Em          D  A
One day the Pilate died with the fire in his side
F#m                        G
Herod did die too, not the way wanted to 
          A                         Bm        D
Y’see the child knew the secrets of Egypt and Isis 
C Em  (solo in B minor)
Jews are foxier than, foxier than you
Bm D A
Any man’s story, dances over me 
Bm                             Em
Magdalene remembered when the people smiled and had been looser 
A                  D              A
Looser than they'd been since the day young Jesus died
Bm                 Em
Public execution enhanced by levitation 
A          D             A
Fancy mutilation for two thousand years of time
G           D           A
Jesus could walk on the water
G             D            Em     A
The man could dance on the Sea of Galilee
G             D                 A
Don’t you try breathin’ in that water
G                A
Miracles go only so far, you see
(Guitar break- B Minor)
Bm D A
Bm     Em
2,000 years
A         D     A
They both dance over me
Bm        Em     A         D     A
Any man’s story, they both dance over me
G                 D          A
Like God loved his bastard Jesus
G          D     A
You know he did love that bastard son
G             D           A
God loved the good son of Jesus
                                         Em  A Em A
You know he got off on the foxy daughter too
Bm D A
Bm                              Em
So you think young Jesus Christ never balled a lady
        A                D             A
And you think young Mary never saw him smile wide & free
Bm                                  Em
You won’t read it in the bible, but if you look you’re liable 
   A               D             A
To come across the truth about a man from Galilee 
Bm                                      Em
She raised the man upon the water, they had son they had a daughter
A                     D                A
She hid them from the slaughter in the deep Black Sea
G             D              A
God loved the bastard son of Jesus 
G                  D                   Em         A
God got off on the sparklin’ daughter, too yes he did 
G           D           A
Jesus could walk on the water
G             D            Em          A
The man could dance on the Sea of Galilee 
G                D                A
Watch him dance, watch him dance, watch him dance

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